Prime Minister meets Solidarna Polska (Solidary Poland)

Prime Minister Donald Tusk met, on Wednesday, representatives of the Solidarna Polska parliamentary club. The meeting was another in a series of consultations with all political parties present in the Sejm, and was devoted to the increase and equalization of the retirement age.

- The increase of the retirement age is an indispensable change, which cannot be postponed - convinced Donald Tusk. - The life expectancy is growing, and will continue to grow in the future. It is therefore obvious that the current retirement age cannot be maintained - he added.

The Prime Minister noted that the trend concerning the higher life expectancy will be more evident in Poland than it is in countries boasting a higher civilizational level.

The Prime Minister admitted that increasing the retirement age by seven years understandably raises heated emotions, fears and creates resistance, not only among women. - I am internally anxious as well, as I am aware that the change is of a radical character, but the change is not imminent - the head of the Government explained.

The Prime Minister answered several questions concerning ways to increase the fertility rate in Poland. He stressed that there are no excuses that would release the government from its duty to seek ways to increase the fertility rate. - I would be dishonest, however, if I said that a proven, guaranteed method exists to increase the fertility rate to such an extent that would release us from the obligation to raise the retirement age - said Donald Tusk.

Solidarna Polska politicians asked Donald Tusk, inter alia, about the situation of the elderly who will have to work longer in the future, about effectiveness of work at different ages and in different professions, about the risk of unemployment within specific age groups and about Open Pension Funds. They were also seeking the Prime Minister’s opinion on some of their own retirement scheme-related ideas.

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