Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: We will spend PLN 25-30 billion for thermo-modernization in 10 years

We are the first government after 1989 to deal with the matter of combating smog and we take this problem extremely seriously – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, commencing the first Steering Committee of the National Program for Air Protection.

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Photo: KPRM

We do not want our children to associate future winters with masks on their faces, but with traditional snow, snowman and sleds. We want to hand Poland over to our children in a better condition in many respects, including cleaner air. And we certainly will – said the head of the government. The Prime Minister pointed out that the improvement of the quality of air is one of the government’s priorities.

The problem of smog is very complicated, which we have been learning about for a few years. We have to deal with much negligence from the previous eight years – said the head of the government. He stressed that the fight against smog involves the coordination of activities related to the work of many Ministries: Energy, Environment and Construction, whose representatives will participate in the work of the Steering Committee of the National Program for Air Protection.

 PLN 25-30 billion for improving air quality

We will spend PLN 25 - 30 billion in ten years. This is an unprecedented amount that will contribute to improving air quality – noted the Prime Minister. As he explained: an insulated house consumes round 50% less heating energy.

We want to consistently strive for the improvement of air quality. I am glad that we are doing this in consultation with various communities and social organisations. We want the places shown as the most polluted in Europe to disappear from the map of Poland – said the head of the government. As he pointed out, the fight against smog will be carried out throughout the year. The air will not clean itself up – emphasised the Prime Minister.

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