Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: We will rebuild the economic reality so as to trigger a new wave of Capitalism and Polish enterprise

“We want to be a part of the world economy, as it triggers competitiveness,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at his speech during the “100 Years of Polish Economy” congress held at the seat of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The discussion was dedicated to the achievements of native economic operators in the past epochs of the Second Polish Republic, Polish People’s Republic and Third Polish Republic and to the challenges faced by the country’s business and economic policy in the coming years.

The Head of the Government pointed out that if the Polish society had allowed the Government, just like it was in the past, “to allocate PLN 200, 300, 400 billion a year for investment purposes, in 5-7 years Poland would have surely looked completely different in investment and infrastructure terms, but the mechanisms of the Second Polish Republic cannot be translated in such a simple way to our present reality. This is, naturally, impossible”.

Responsible Development Plan

“By means of this Plan, we are trying to rebuild our economy so that, in 5-10 years, it will lead us to the economy 4.0, to Capitalism 4.0” said the Prime Minister. As he stressed, “we put a strong emphasis on our strategic programs, allocation of resources for innovation, because it does not come into being on its own, just because the State wants it to. First of all, we support bottom-up development.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that the characteristic feature of the very mature economies was that the state supported the expansion of capital and export in various sectors. He stressed that, “through the Responsible Development Plan, we are trying to do the same”.

Economic sovereignty

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also referred to economic sovereignty, yet not understood as autarky or building barriers, but consisting in the fact that the direction of economic policy is adapted to the capabilities, baggage of the past and also focused on opportunities and aspiration of the future.

“We understand this sovereignty in the centennial of regaining independence as the mechanism of the State’s economic policy correlated with the aspirations of the society, particularly economic operators,” stressed the Prime Minister and added that Poland also needed to combine that sovereignty with participation in the global economy, in the world economy

“This economic, political and social mix must be shaped in such a way so that the economic growth corresponds to our ambitions in the future,” stressed the Head of the Government in his speech.

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