Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: We want to take care of the social community and the solidarity of generations

I would like to find out what your needs are and to listen how Poland looks in your eyes – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the meeting with the Ostrołęka seniors at the Senior+ Daily Care Home.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Wishes for grandmothers and grandfathers

The Prime Minister gave his best wishes to all grandmothers and grandfathers on the occasion of their incoming holiday. May your grandchildren give you warmth which will fill your hearts – he said. On the part of our government, in addition to wishes, I would like to say that we want to take care of the social community and the solidarity of generations: the younger with the elderly, the richer with the poorer and the other way round – said the Prime Minister.

Taking care of the community

Mateusz Morawiecki shared his memories of his grandparents, which – as he stressed – are very beautiful. It always seemed to me that the grandparents are to pamper, not to bring up, their grandchildren but my grandparents also took care of my upbringing – said the Prime Minister.

He also recalled the words of his grandfather, who used to say that if the things are to go well, young hands and elderly heads are necessary. In this way, I would like to make use of your experience and build together Poland which will be as beautiful as possible. Younger people run faster, but elderly people know the way better – stressed the Prime minister. He added that the state and society must be the real community. I would like us to build the country of our dreams together – he pointed out.

Senioral policy of the Government

The Prime Minister promised that his government would try to make the seniors’ lives as good as possible. We will do everything to fulfil your wishes and perception of the state – stressed the Head of the Government.

During the two years under the rule of the Law and Justice Government, the previous retirement age has been restored – 60 years for women and 65 years for men. The scheme of free medicines for seniors aged 75+ has been launched and so far it has been used by 2.3 million seniors. In addition, the amount of pensions and annuities was increased. The Government have also introduced the Care 75+ scheme, aimed at increasing the availability of care and specialist services for single and elderly persons. There is also the Senior+ scheme, which helps create the facilities such as the one visited by the Prime Minister today – Senior+ Daily Care Homes and Senior+ Clubs.

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