Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: we want to see Poland grow, and not stagnate. We want Poland to remember its roots, and not cut ties with its history

It is the state’s responsibility to help the society look for new paths for development. The state must look for them to answer the fundamental question: what should Poland be like and how to make it better, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the Saturday meeting with the residents of Wrocław.

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During his address, the head of the government stressed that the current government is implementing the most extensive nation-wide social programmes in 30 years. In his opinion, our country has been pulling back with varying intensity over the last 25 years. We want to see Poland grow, and not stagnate. We want Poland to remember its roots, and not cut ties with its beautiful history, we want it to use its talents and not push next generations abroad, Prime Minister continued.

Poland lacked sustainable development. There is one Poland – this is the motto of our actions – and this is why it should be developing evenly, said the Prime Minister. He added that the government is committed to ensuring that investments will not only be made in large cities, but also in smaller towns. We want a Poland of equal chances, and not a Poland of the equal and the more equal. A Poland that understands the vulnerable groups and is firm for the strong ones. He stressed the importance of building Polish ownership, Polish capital and savings.

The Prime Minister pointed out that we cannot constantly chase the Western countries and that we must focus on those industries and areas which are developing. We truly believe in free-market values, but ones that are supported by the state. Today, we need to change our economic model if we want to be the state of high technologies, the technologies of the future, robotics, digitisation and experts. We want to implement this in Lower Silesia, for instance, through such actions as the development of infrastructure. We need bigger budgets, especially for local roads; this is why we will invest in building these roads, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, while announcing an investment in the S8 expressway in Lower Silesia. He also reminded that police stations, railway lines and post offices, which were closed down in small towns, are now being reconstructed.

I would like for farmers to have as much freedom as possible and the regulations on agricultural retail trade to be more liberal, said Prime Minister regarding the adopted act on agricultural retail trade. He also talked about the projects that were completed and started in Lower Silesia, and mentioned, for instance, the construction of a Mercedes-Benz engine factory and an LG plant, as well as a new investment in Nysa.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed the importance of ongoing changes taking place in Poland.  If we have ambition and dreams of Poland that is strong, proud and sets new trends in development, and for it to be the country of high technologies, we need to open up doors for new ideas. Today we know that Poland do not have to be poor, weak and ugly – Poland is the most beautiful, said the head of the government. 

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