Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: We want to build solidary Poland, Poland of equal opportunities

We promised you solidary Poland, Poland of equal opportunities and we are trying to keep this promise, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the meeting in Opole.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / KPRM

The Head of the Government stressed that the key task was to attract investment, to allocate resources in the more fair manner and to implement a policy of sustainable development, for which the government allocated financial resources acquired, inter alia, through having sealed the tax system.

Implementation of social programmes

During the meeting with the residents of Opole, the Prime Minister mentioned many social programmes implemented by the Government, inter alia, Good Start i.e. the amount of PLN 300 granted at the beginning of the school year to each student starting their elementary and secondary education or a continuation of the Family 500+ programme, which proved a great success.

Since the inception of the Family 500+ Programme until now, we have allocated from the central state budget the amount of nearly PLN one billion for families and children in the Opolskie Voivodeship, said the Head of the Government. The Prime Minister pointed out that the current government had developed a number of programmes, including a programme for medium-sized cities aimed at attracting investors.

He stressed that the key task of his government was to promote Polish small and medium-sized enterprise. He mentioned that from the beginning of the following year, the rate of CIT for small companies would be reduced from 15% to 9%. In addition, in Brussels we managed to obtain for large companies a possibility of paying taxes in Poland, pointed out the Prime Minister.

We want to build Poland of our dreams

Our opponents are interested primarily in the way we are perceived in Brussels. We are more interested in the way you perceive us here, in Opole, Krapkowice, Kluczbork, Namysłów, Kędzierzyn-Koźle and in all small villages and in rural areas, stressed the Head of the Government.

As he added, the policy of the predecessors consisting in the privatisation of national treasures and of hot tap water poorly corresponded to the ambitions and aspirations of the Poles. We are guided by different determinants: we want to build the Poland of our dreams, not Poland of dreams of our neighbours.

We are changing Poland for all, we democratise it as widely as possible. We have strongly attacked some groups of interest, said the Prime Minister. In his opinion, the Third Polish Republic had been spoiled, sometimes destroyed in many areas, and the society had lacked the mechanisms of promotion and social respect. We want to bring this respect back, declared the Head of the Government.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister pointed out that the current Government wanted Poland to progress, not to regress. As an example, he provided the closure of more than 400 police stations during 8 years of the previous rule. Today, we restore these stations as the security of the citizens is the highest good, he added.

I would like to warmly ask our followers and our opponents for patriotism. Poland is the only one and I would like us to build it together, in a certain democratic dispute, in a constructive dialogue. I believe that through this dialogue we will get to even better solutions. Today’s time is the time of chance. We need pride in Poland, summed up the Head of the Government.

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