Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: We set ourselves a task of making Poland develop evenly

Creating development prospects, reducing unemployment, bringing about re-training where needed in order to attract new investors to areas that so far have been out of the way, these are fundamental issues for us said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a meeting with the inhabitants of Bystrzyca Kłodzka in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship.


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Investments that connect

There was a prospect for the S8 road to be an express roads. The project is to be prepared at the turn of this and the next year, and environmental research and permits have a chance to be completed, so that in a year and a half work in this area will begin announced the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

The head of the government added that connecting such towns as Bystrzyca Kłodzka with other Polish towns and Europe is an absolutely fundamental task for the government. He reminded that in 2015 the S8 road which reaches Wrocław was planned as a national road.

We set ourselves a task of making Poland develop evenly. Not like our predecessors, where in the times of their government, there was – speaking in Old Polish style – something to drip from the notable table for the municipalities and poviats in distant and remote parts of Poland he said.

As he emphasized we are investing funds in local roads development that have never been invested in before. We are investing in new bridges. It shows how we are trying to develop local Poland. The Prime Minister mentioned the new government programme Bridges for Regions presented yesterday which will aim to build 22 new bridges, i.a.on the Vistula, Odra, Bug, Pilica and Warta rivers, in places where there are long sections of rivers without bridges.

The even development of Poland

Prime Minister recalled that as a result of the political transformation i.a. in the region of Kotlina Kłodzka, unemployment was one of the highest in the scale of the country and many industrial plants fell. He added that with the aim of reducing unemployment in such areas in the mid-1990s, special economic zones were created, but this model has not worked everywhere.

The task that the previous rulers had set before, to breathe new life into them – it did not really work out. We have recently implemented an important legislative change, thanks to which Poland will become one big special economic zone. This will allow, among other things, for attracting investors in a better way. We work in order to increase our country's investment opportunities thanks to the rebuilding of vocational education said the Prime Minister.

Our predecessors decided to destroy the industry, to adhere to such myths as that industry is past, capital has no nationality. And that is why we are in a very difficult situation today. We need your trust and support to change Poland in the coming years so that poviats and municipalities resemble the development of large voivodeship capitals stressed the head of the government.

Implementation of social programmes

The economy must develop for the society. We understand this very well and hence our various programmes which we also propose in areas that until the times of our governance were largely forgotten said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister declared that the United Right Wing will continue social programmes implemented by the government, for which funds are secured, obtained, inter alia, thanks to an effective fight against tax offenders and the vat mafia. He also mentioned that for the PiS government funds available in household budgets of people with high disabilities increased from around PLN 2,000 to PLN 3,000.

We have implemented the beautiful idea of the ‘Solidarity’ movement from 1980–1981 to a large extent. Let us not be fooled by the siren songs, so that the past does not return. The core of our policy is for Poland to be strong with our citizens. Poland is to be for all citizens, not for selected interest groups. Let us be proud of it in every dimension of our lives. We want to have one Poland he said.

The Prime Minister thanked the inhabitants of Bystrzyca Kłodzka for coming to the meeting. Thanks to these conversations, I feel that we are on a good course. We are trying to fight in many areas, to make Poland stronger, to make Poland a country of equal opportunities said the Prime Minister.

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