Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visiting Garwolin

We want to pursue our economic and social policy in such a way so that the society could feel this change – said the Head of the Government during his meeting with the Garwolin residents on Saturday.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

When Law and Justice won the election, we promised the fair state, social sensitivity, justice and equal sharing of results of the economic growth. These policies, this perspective of the future and of our economic and social activities are valid to date – concluded Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Accessibility Plus Programme

During three years of our rule, social pension, including this rise which, as from 1 June, will be designed for the disabled, has risen by 50%. Previously, those rises were by 1 or several percent, but never has the rise been so rapid – stated the Head of the Government. He explained that the Council of Minister is planning to provide the disabled with an allowance in a form of rehabilitation services.

For 2.5 years of the rule of Law and Justice, the expenditure for the disabled has been increased by PLN 3 billion, from PLN 12.5 billion to PLN 15.5 billion – stressed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. As he added, “for those with very severe disabilities, we allocate the funds, more or less, from PLN 2.5 thousand to PLN 3 thousand net. In comparison to our predecessors, this increase is more than 30 percent”.

Referring to those protesting in the Sejm, the Prime Minister said that the demands presented more than two weeks ago have been met as best as possible. As the Head of the Government stressed, thanks to the fact that the Government had already prepared appropriate social activities in many areas, it was possible to accelerate their implementation and quickly respond to the protesters’ demands.

The Prime Minister announced that the Council of Ministers will try to include the disabled in the social life and in the labour market. These persons are able to work, we must only refine various mechanisms of their employment and we will prepare this package soon – he explained.

Local road development programme

The economic growth of the last 25 years was not of use to all places equally – stated the Head of the Government. He added that this year, the funds higher by 60-70 percent had been allocated for developing local roads in municipalities which so far could not afford to participate in regional operational programmes or in other central programmes. In the Prime Minister’s opinion, such activities will allow to stimulate local enterprise and to support families, young people and children.

School supplies

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also announced that this year each child attending primary and secondary school and being under 18, will receive an amount of PLN 300 for school supplies. The objective is to make it easier for families to start the school year at this time of scarcity – said the Head of the Government.

ZUS contributions proportional to company’s income

As from the beginning of the next year, we will create a more proportional and fair system of paying ZUS contributions, depending on income – declared the Prime Minister.

As he explained, we would like to change these rules so that they were more proportional to income, up to the amount of PLN 5,300. This means that if someone has a car repair shop, hairdressing salon or a small shop and earns PLN 2-3 thousand per month, these ZUS contributions will proportionally amount to, more or less, 50% of the existing amount.


Within two years, we have increased expenditure for healthcare by PLN 12 billion – highlighted Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He added that the Act had been adopted to increase expenditure for healthcare to 6 percent of GDP in the nearest years.

We manage the healthcare reform programme in such a way so that patients could experience, year by year, at least some benefits and good change – stated the Head of the Government.


Soon, Minister of Agriculture Krzysztof Jurgiel will propose the “Farmer Plus” Programme – declared the Prime Minister. He added that this will be the full package of good changes for Polish farmers and Polish countryside.

The Head of the Government has also announced that a package of additional changes will be presented soon to facilitate the sale of agricultural products “in retail chains”.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that many of those changes that have been presented and that are planned for the future – money for school supplies, additional billions for local roads, reductions in taxes and ZUS contributions, could be carried out thanks to Jarosław Kaczyński, who had a vision of changes and was determined to implement them.

From the desire to make Poland great and strong, we also derive our faith and strength to make Poland better – and we will make Poland better – concluded the Prime Minister.

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