Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visiting Cegielski factory

We want to be the motor of economic development in the whole Europe – the Polish Prime Minister said during a press conference in the Railway Vehicles Factory in Poznań on Tuesday.

Premier Mateusz Morawiecki skład wieniec pod pomnikiem upamiętniającym ofiary Czerwca 1956. 1 of 21
Fot. W. Kompała / KPRM

The Polish industry is slowly recovering. New orders have appeared thanks to the cooperation between the Polish enterprises. PKP Intercity commissioned the production of 55 coaches for the amount of nearly PLN 500 million – stated Mateusz Morawiecki.


During his visit to the factory, the Prime Minister met with the employees of the factory and visited it. Here I saw the achievements of the Polish modern technical concept which may compete with the best in the world – said the Prime Minister. We want to achieve the best results, he added, and said that he believed that such a factory was bound to be the trigger for industrial development.

Economic development

Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that we are an ever more significant motor for growth. Here in Poznań, it is visible that economic and industrial growth translate into a decrease in unemployment.

The Prime Minister expressed his conviction that it would be possible to repeat the 2017 success, when over a half of all jobs in the EU industry were created in Poland thanks to the implemented Responsible Development Strategy.

The Prime Minister also congratulated all the employees and employers from Poznań on the low (2%) unemployment level in that city. He expressed the hope that Cegielski factory is only another beginning of a great history in the coming years and decades.

During his visit to Poznań, the Prime Minister laid a wreath at the monument commemorating the victims of June 1956 which is near the office of H. Cegielski company – Railway Vehicles Factory.