Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: The genius of Polish technology which had to emigrate abroad in the past, now is able to grow in Poland

These days we have a great time ahead, because the genius of Polish technology and engineering, which in previous years of our history had to emirate, may now grow in Poland, in cooperation with startups from all over the world, said the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the Impact'18 Congress in Cracow.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister highlighted that the conditions for development in Poland are ever better. He indicated the Polish Development Fund, created by PFR Venture – a fund cooperating with other funds and start-ups for the development of the latest technologies. All startups and all technology innovators are welcome in Poland. There are a lot of opportunities here, when it comes to the development of your technologies, said the Prime Minister.

Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out the existence of a programme called GovTech Polska launched a few days ago. The most technologically advanced governments of the world, the group of which we would like to join, build space for growth of their services for citizens and entrepreneurs by creating innovative platforms related to changes in the health service, public finance, education or defence, highlighted the Head of Government. As he explained, the Polish administration was one of the first administrations in the world to engage in the discussion and in practical tasks with different groups of developers and software engineers in the area of public administration. We want to invest in the development of science and show what a cooperation between science and economic growth looks like, said the Prime Minister.

Encouraging to cooperation within the scope of the GovTech programme, the Prime Minister pointed out that it covers inter alia solutions for reducing the queues to doctors, improve the tax system or create better conditions of development for entrepreneurs.

Mateusz Morawiecki reminded us that because of data analysis Poland was successful in the fight against VAT fraud organised crime groups and VAT offenders, which created in our country a small economic miracle. I am grateful to various startups and innovators thanks to which we managed to tighten our tax system in the Ministry of Finance, already in our first year of cooperation, and save around USD 0.5 billion, he highlighted. It is a great amount of money that we may use for the development of e.g. education and science, he added.

I believe that because of you and because of the cooperation with such entrepreneurs as you are, we can really create a better world. I believe that by network learning there will be more and more innovation, highlighted the Prime Minister.

Impact'18 Congress

This year’s Congress which takes place on 13–14 June 2018 is dedicated to technological trends in innovative industries and to the challenges of modern economy. The issues related to the future of the digital economy for the business, startups, science and administration are discussed during the Congress.  The event will bring together over 6,000 participants from 40 countries.

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