Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki receives Super Vector 2017 award.

Our goal, the goal of entrepreneurs, the goal of the whole business sector and the goal of our political team is one and the same – stronger economy, strong Poland and strong society contributing to improving our position in Europe – the Prime Minister stated during the Vectors 2017 awards ceremony on Saturday.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

When he received the statuette, Mateusz Morawiecki thanked for the award, declaring that it obliges him to work even harder for the purpose of setting out the actual vectors of the Polish economy. He emphasised that small and medium-sized companies have to be the pearl in the crown of our entrepreneurship, because they are the key to building genuinely strong economy.

The Prime Minister added that, based on his experiences in working in a small and large company, he is aware that the public administration sometimes does not act in accordance with entrepreneurs’ expectations. According to Mateusz Morawiecki, the main element which all the countries which achieved the greatest economic success in the last 30-40-50 years have in common is close cooperation between the public administration and entrepreneurs. I want you to know that I am deeply convinced that we are in the same boat and that we are here for you – the Prime Minister stressed. We want to act in your interest, because your opportunities abroad depend on our effectiveness abroad, in particular in Brussels and Washington, but not only, he added.

The Prime Minister also declared that the Constitution for Business will be effectively implemented in the next few months, while the government will continue to listen to entrepreneurs, since coherent policy and innovative economy lie in our common interest.

The Prime Minister received the award from the Employers of Poland for drafting the Sustainable Development Strategy, which focused in particular on Polish entrepreneurs, without whom the further growth of Poland would not be possible. This year’s ceremony was organised in Zamoyski Palace in Warsaw.

Vectors Awards gala

The Employers of Poland have been granting the awards since 2002. Vectors are awarded to people who – through their activity in various fields of the economy – set out the best courses of action and are the authors of novel solutions which are particularly valuable for the Polish economy and social life. Vectors are also awarded for activities which bring special benefits to Polish economy and which contribute to creating the climate conducive to the development of entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, Super Vectors are awarded for outstanding achievements, the consequences of which extend far into the future. This award is presented to people who – as a result of their hard work, creative way of thinking and active attitude – contribute to the common good, are able to overcome the existing differences, remain open to the arguments of others and identify themselves with the objectives of the entire society.

Vector is a statuette which constitutes a symbolic representation of man walking with his head held high, who remains unconcerned with the existing barriers and difficulties.

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