Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: Over the next few years, PLN 40 billion will be invested in Upper Silesia

I am pleased that today, in a compromise with the social partners, we have developed the programme for Silesia and that all partners have agreed on it. This is the first milestone on the path to the more and more beautiful Silesian Voivodeship – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the inauguration of the Programme for Silesia in Katowice.

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Photo: B. Kosiński / Ministry of Economic Development

This laboriously developed Programme for the Silesian Voivodeship is particularly close to my heart. Hardly anyone knows what kind of effort must be put into transformation and economic change in the areas undergoing a very deep metamorphosis – stated the Head of Government.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed the importance of the Silesian land for the history and economic history of Poland. It is the place of origin of the first Polish industry, the genuine energy industry, and thanks to the coal mines, which we have created here since the 19th century the Polish industry has also developed – he said.

As he noted, currently the industry was undergoing rapid transformation and therefore the Polish Government could not and did not want to leave the entire Silesian Voivodeship alone. Hence the programme, which has been prepared with a great deal of work together with the social partners.

The development of this programme, consisting of 70 large projects, was a tremendous effort, also in financial terms.  Within a few years in the Upper Silesia, in Zagłębie PLN 40 billion will be invested – stressed Mateusz Morawiecki.

He added that it was a great budgetary effort, but also a huge effort on the part of economic operators whom he thanked for making changes for the benefit of the development of the region. The Head of Government also thanked the trade unions, public and local government partners.

The Prime Minister made a commitment, on behalf of the Government, that in the following years the Government would try to make the least painful transformation towards the modern industry.

Economy with people in mind

Transformation being made in this direction already results in the fact that more and more people from this voivodeship are working in the broadly understood automotive industry than in the mining industry. This means that this process of slow transformation is already going on today. There, people earn more and more and the Polish export from the automotive industry itself will be more than PLN 100 billion of 2017 – said the Prime Minister.

As he stressed, the Polish Government are changing the economy with people in mind. We want to create more jobs, even better paid, to encourage the Poles to return from abroad. There is no economy without the society – he said.

Programme for Silesia – regional development measures

The Programme for Silesia involves investments whose total value is up to PLN 40 billion, strengthening the existing capacities in the region and capitalising on development potentials. The starting point for developing the objectives, actions and identification of the most important development projects in the document were the postulates from the region, and the creation of the Programme for Silesia has been preceded by the Government’s consultation with the Voivodeship Council for Social Dialogue.

The Programme for Silesia is the first governmental proposal of this type, arising from the Responsible Development Strategy and having a form of a strategic project. Silesia, recording the weakened growth rate and reduced quality of life of the population, is considered in the RDS as one of the key areas requiring national support.

The Programme for Silesia is aimed at supporting the process of restructuring the industry in the region and at changing, in the long term, its economic profile and gradually complementing traditional economic sectors such as mining and metallurgy. Of key importance will be the following aspects identified in the Programme for Silesia: innovation, enterprise, human capital, environment, energy industry, as well as improvement in the urban development conditions.

In the area supporting the increase in industrial innovation and development investments in the region, PLN 3.91 billion will be allocated. Increasing the professional activity and improving the skills of the regional population will be supported by the projects worth PLN 911 million. To improve the quality of the natural environment PLN 1.2 billion will be allocated. For the development and modernisation of transport infrastructure PLN 21.5 billion were planned. In the area of guaranteeing the country’s energy security and development of innovation in the Silesian energy industry PLN 9.7 billion will be allocated. Improving the development conditions of the Silesian region will be financed at the level of PLN 2.65 billion.

The Steering Committee of the Programme has been created by the Voivode of Silesia and is composed of the representatives of: Voivode of Silesia, Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship, Ministry of Economic Development, Voivodeship Council of Social Dialogue, Silesian-Dąbrowa Independent Self-governing Labour Union “Solidarity”, Katowice Special Economic Zone and National Economy Bank.

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