Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on tragic events in Koszalin: We are doing everything in our power to determine the causes of this event and to ensure that such tragedies never occur in the future

The Prime Minister began today’s press conference attended by the Minister for the Interior and Administration, the Commander-in-Chief of the Police and the Commander-in-Chief of the Fire Services by offering his condolences to the victims’ families.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of The Prime Minister of Poland

In the aftermath of the fire break out in an escape room on Friday, five teenage girls died and one man suffered severe burns.

The Prime Minister spoke about a series of measures taken in cooperation with Minister Joachim Brudziński, which will make it possible i.a. to exert pressure on the owners to comply with safety standards on their premises. We plan to introduce amendments to relevant regulations and acts to shift the responsibility for ensuring full safety related to the functioning of this type of facilities to those who decide to conduct such business activity and to ensure standardisation of provisions in this field stated the Prime Minister.

Nearly 200 similar facilities were inspected. 13 of them were closed with immediate effect. Commander-in-Chief of the Fire Service, Brigadier-General Leszek Suski, added that inspections will continue until all such facilities are thoroughly checked.

A post-inspection report will also be drafted – this report will serve as the basis for taking relevant decisions concerning such facilities. We have to act with utmost determination in this regard the Prime Minister emphasised.

The Prime Minister said it is important to combine the activities of state services and routine checks with high level of social awareness, which was emphasized also by the Minister of Interior and Administration.
Minister Brudziński appealed to parents, carers and teachers to report for inspection the places where their children spend their free time. The Head of Interior and Administration recalled the severe sanctions for breaking the provisions of the building code or fire regulations.

Commander-in-Chief of the Police general inspector Jarosław Szymczyk added that directly after concluding fire-fighting activities by the fire-fighters an police crew composed of best professionals, experts from the forensic laboratory, was sent to the site. Also expert witnesses were called on site, who were inspecting it for a long time, securing the footprints and evidence.

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