Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on implementing new projects for Poles

We want to manage government institutions justly, and focus on activities in various areas of social, economic, financial, budgetary life in a fair manner – said the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the Saturday meeting with the residents of Grójec and Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą.

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Photo: W. Kompała / KPRM

Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that it is the time for the Law and Justice government to think ahead and revise the propositions for the best future of the citizens.

Lower ZUS contributions

The head of the government announced a proposal to reduce and grade ZUS contributions for entrepreneurs whose revenues do not exceed two and a half times the minimum salary. It will be for the benefit of the citizen, for the benefit of a small company – the Prime Minister stressed.

The Prime Minister stated that many solutions were adopted under the Constitution of Business, including non - registration activity for small gainful activity. reduction of bureaucratic burdens for entrepreneurs.

Lower CIT tax

Last year, we reduced the CIT tax for small and medium - sized companies, from 19% to 15%, and from next year we will reduce from 15% to 9%. It will be one of the lowest tax rates in Europe – said Mateusz Morawiecki.

School starter kit

The Prime Minister also announced another pro - social change. The school starter kit is a PLN 300 donation project for every school age child. It would be an annual element of our pro - family policy – said the head of government

Seniors programme “Accessibility +”

The Prime Minister emphasized that in this programme accessibility will be treated in a broad sense, starting from driveways and lifts for the disabled, but also accessibility of medications According to Mateusz Morawiecki, over the next 8 years, over PLN 23 billion will be allocated to the “Accessibility +” programme.

The Prime Minister also announced the maternal pension that is a project for granting a minimum pension for those women who, due to the birth of four or more children, did not have any eligibility for a minimum pension.

Local roads construction fund

The Prime Minister pointed out that the fund is 60% larger than in the time of our predecessors and today we have more and more roads contracted in communes and poviats.

The value of the local roads construction fund is at least PLN 5 billion.

More funds for health care

The head of government said that among the great problems we are talking about number one is the health care. Therefore, almost 10% more year to year was allocated for this purpose, in absolute terms it is 93 billion, where it was 75 billion a few years ago. Over the coming years, spending on healthcare will increase to 6% of GDP.

Prime Minister Morawiecki added that using some surpluses in relation to the planned budget deficit last year, we allocated PLN 5 billion to buy the so called surpluses for operations in the field of endoprostheses, cataracts and for the purchase of modern equipment. We have upgraded the equipment standard to a large extend. We need to conduct changes to those issues that have been neglected, step by step, proposing new idea to the society.

Clean Air Programme

We will allocate nearly PLN 30 billion for insulating homes. We will finance the whole or a large part of home insulation in order to use as little energy as possible, so that there will be as little emissions from the so - called low chimneys. And for the less wealthy people to be able to afford a stove, for fuel other than those, which they often heat up today – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized.

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