Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with the heads of governments of the Visegrad Group in Budapest

I can see Europe which is strong in military and economic terms, Europe of sovereign states which make decisions at the national level and cooperate with each other according to the rule of building a strong and single market – said the Head of the Government at a Friday discussion during the summit of the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

European traps

Modern traps, which we are in, set also the way of solutions for the future which will be good for entire Europe, because the strong Central European countries also mean Europe much stronger as a whole – said the Prime Minister. As he said, we had fallen into several traps, and the first one is the trap of dependent development. According to the Prime Minister, a cure for this problem can be a the competitive economy.

Another trap, according to the Head of the Government, is the institutional weakness which was caused by various weaknesses inherited from the past, which, e.g. translated into the lack of VAT revenues. Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that the Government of Law and Justice had managed to combat VAT carousel fraud within 1.5 years. The Prime Minister also stated that in Poland there are still imperfect judicial institutions from that time. Our ratings in Europe and in the world in terms of efficiency and transparency in justice are among the worst – added Morawiecki. We want to change this for the sake of investors and citizens, so that justice is as independant and objective as possible – he stressed.

The third trap, as the Prime Minister stated, is the trap of low margins and the absence of national brands. In Morawiecki’s opinion, this results from the fact that we remained on the other side of the Iron Curtain, thus we have been deprived of the possibility of developing and exporting national brands. We need to change this because the quality of our work is very high and the industriousness of our people is known all around the world – the Prime Minister of the Council.

The middle income trap is the fourth trap, according to the Head of the Government, due to which Western Europe attracts our Polish employees by offering them higher salaries. We need to stop this drainage and attract people from all over the world, then we will be even faster and better a driving force of the economic and political development for the single European market.

The Prime Minister pointed to the fact that three of four European freedoms are fully functioning, i.e. freedom of movement of goods, persons and capital, serving the richer countries of the European Union. As the Prime Minister added, today, when our companies are becoming more and more successful, the directive on posted workers and the transport directive emerge which prevent the full competitiveness.

Vision of Europe

My vision of Europe, what I believe in, is very strong Europe, Europe of integrated and sovereign states and homelands, which has common goals – said the Prime Minister. As he added, perhaps the European Union would have a common army as it is needed to defend Europe against aggression from the East, terrorism or the migrant crisis.

According to the Head of the Government, another challenge we face is robotisation. Through robots, the growing amount of work is being automated – highlighted the Prime Minister. As he added, we want to fit in this trend, as this trend is the future, but as Europe we need to invent and rethink a new social contract, because more and more people will be in the margins of the labour market. That is why, according to Mateusz Morawiecki, we need to think this challenge over and prepare for it.

Summit of the Visegrad Group Prime Ministers

The heads of governmentd during the summit of the Visegrad Group discussed, inter alia, the current situation in Europe and the future of the European Union, as well as the issues concerning the agenda of the informal meeting of the heads of EU states and governments scheduled for February 2018 (inter alia, EU institutional affairs before the EP elections in 2019 and political priorities on the EU multi-annual budget post-2020). During the summit, they also discussed the current regional policy issues.

A bilateral meeting of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, was held on the sidelines of the V4 summit.

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