Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: Let Poland be the beacon that guides you

Scouts and girl scouts, let Poland be the beacon that guides you these were the words that the head of the government used to address the scouts during the Rally in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland. The Prime Minister attended the solemn roll-call and the celebratory bonfire, which he lit together with the scouts. He also visited the scout camp and talked to its participants. 

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of The Prime Minister of Poland

I know full well that the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland sees our homeland as anything but ordinary. Indeed, the land of our fathers is exceptional and we love it more than life itself said the Prime Minister. 

He noted that today, the values of discipline, aptitude and knowledge, all promoted and nurtured in scouting, will set the direction of the peaceful rivalry between states, which we are part of.

Let your life lead you towards building a magnificent Republic of Poland. This is a task that we inherited from our great ancestors and we must see it through for the sake of future generations said the Prime Minister, as he thanked the scouts for their efforts.

According to its organisers, the Anniversary Rally in Rybaki near Olsztyn, held to celebrate the 30 years of ZHR’s existence, has been the largest gathering of scouts and girl scouts. Six thousand people took part in the Rally. 

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