Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki invites everyone to join the debate on education

I think that a round table discussion will be an opportunity for us to develop solutions that are the most beneficial for the Polish schools, as well as the Polish family said the Prime Minister when he joined the Deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydło in issuing an open invitation to join the debate on restructuring the education system. The meeting has been scheduled to take place on 26 April at 12:00 pm, with the National Stadium chosen as its venue.


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Photo: Mateusz Kostrzewa / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister informed that the government proposes to have round table discussions covering four areas: first - pupils, second - teachers, third - quality of education and fourth, which operates under a working name - modern school.

The head of the government invited representatives of the following groups to join the round table, including parents, experts, educators, tutors, teachers, union reps and members of the opposition. He stressed that he wishes for all participants - the government, the teachers, and the union reps - to step away from the table as winners.

The Prime Minister emphasized that this embittered dispute may only be deescalated through profound and comprehensive analysis of the education system and that this will be the government approach’s to this meeting. He added that we cannot hope to catch up on many years of backwards thinking in just a few months, or even quarters.

We are in competition with entrepreneurs from around the world. I am talking about this during a conference on education, as the entrepreneurs are very much aware of the fact that well educated young people are a pillar of a well functioning economy continued the prime minister.

He also expressed hope that the meeting will serve as a gateway to a nation wide debate on education.

During the conference in Kraków, the Prime Minister thanked all the people who contributed to primary and lower secondary school examinations proceeding without obstacles, including the volunteers that helped in their organisation. He also appealed to the pedagogical councils to classify secondary school graduates for their final secondary school examinations, as it is a very important milestone for them.

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