Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: In 2018, we allocated PLN 1.3 billion for the construction and renovation of local roads

Poland is not only big metropolises and communication arteries. This year, we are allocating an unprecedented amount for the construction and renovation of municipal and township roads, that is PLN 1.3 billion. That is PLN 500 million more than we planned - the head of the government emphasized after the briefing with the voivodes devoted to the local roads development program.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

As the Prime Minister pointed out, the government recognizes the development needs of the township Poland, meeting the needs of the inhabitants of small towns. We want Poland to be whole Construction and renovation of local roads is an extremely important aspect of our entire economic development, said the prime minister. From our talks with residents, they expect, above all, the implementation of individual projects, in this case realization of road-related projects, he added. 

The Prime Minister emphasized that thanks small local governments would particularly benefit from the government subsidies. Small municipalities, so far often neglected and forgotten, will have much better access to public transport and investment, and therefore to development opportunities, emphasized Mateusz Morawiecki.

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, Joachim Brudzinski, assessed that the voivodship governors performed their job well, which was conducting competitions related to subsidies for local governments. The first tranche of funds that flowed from the government amounted to PLN 800 million plus the self-government's own contribution, noted the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration. PLN 500 million is an additional amount found due to the expectations and requests of local government officials directed to the Prime Minister by voivodes, he added. 

The Minister of Investment and Development, Jerzy Kwieciński, announced that, thanks to the government subsidy, 350 km of new or modernized municipal roads and 211 km of county roads will be available. 330 municipalities, 70 counties and 21 cities with township rights will benefit from these investments, noted the minister. Investments are scattered throughout the country. We can confidently say that we apply the principle of sustainable development, he added.

The head of Minister of Investment and Development pointed out that among the self-governments benefitting from the support there are some that received a subsidy for this type of investment tasks for the first time ever. The minister announced that another large programme for local government roads will be prepared in autumn.

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