Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: I believe that in 2025-2030 Poland may become a country of high technologies

Today, in 2018, we are facing the dilemmas on the type of further development paths to choose. All paths must start with answering the question of what economic sovereignty is – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the Economic Sovereignty conference at the College of Social and Media Culture in Toruń.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed the special role and importance of economic sovereignty of Poland, built not on the protectionist barriers but on aspirations and opportunities. He explained that economic sovereignty could not mean autarky, building barriers or being closed to cooperation and to international trade but was to consist in adapting the direction of economic development to the capabilities, baggage of historical experience, prospects and aspirations for the next decades.

We are open to the export, import, international competition. We do not want to be surrounded by the wall. We have found ourselves in a place where we can already talk about repolonisation, about healthy regaining of sovereignty in the world full of competition and globalisation – explained the Head of the Government.

We are building modern sovereignty

I believe that in the years 2025-2030 Poland could become a country of high technologies, not an outermost country, but a country having economic operators who are leading producers in many areas. That is why economic sovereignty is so important for us – stated the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister added that Poland would need to combine economic sovereignty with full participation in the global economy and he encouraged our country to make use of the benefits of the so-called Economy 4.0. The Responsible Development Plan, implemented by the Government and rebuilding our social economy, is to lead us to this economy in 5-10 years.

The state which is strong for the strong and tolerant for the weaker

The Head of the Government recalled the principle adopted by the United Right, namely, that the state was to be strong for the strong and tolerant for the weaker and the social programmes being implemented to help the most deprived, inter alia, the 500+ Family or Apartment+ Programmes, through which we rebuild sovereignty also in terms of our own four walls. He added that financial resources for the social programmes had been acquired by the Government through the effective fight against tax offenders.

In the negotiations with Brussels we led to the situation where for the first time shopping centres, office buildings and large stores would be subject to taxation. There was no such situation before. And we led to a situation where financial burdens on these small economic operators who build Polish capital, will be reduced – mentioned the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister mentioned that starting from the beginning of the following year CIT tax for small companies would be reduced from 15 to 9% and also a low social insurance contribution would be introduced – it would be calculated in proportion to revenues for companies whose monthly income is up to the amount of 2.5 minimum salary in Poland. He also added that through the new local road construction fund, which would be around PLN 5 billion, we would bring Poland together, and this would make economic development diffuse more broadly among smaller localities. As stressed by the Prime Minister, the United Right Government was the most community-oriented government of the Third Polish Republic. He pointed out that we needed to continue our programme to permanently rebuild Poland.

We are building modern sovereignty and we are defining Polish interests properly. We have infringed the interests of many foreign and internal narrow groups, hence so many attacks on our government. We need to react to provocations wisely. We are responding to them with our social programmes and an invitation to cooperate. Suddenly everyone understood that we have a certain offer for Poland, for the Poles. We want to unite the Poles, not to divide them – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

When mentioning this year’s celebrations of the centennial of regaining independence by Poland, he noted that for the last 100 years, while making our way to independence, our country had been ruined and Poland had had no opportunity to participate in the technical, technological and industrial revolutions over the last century.

Building Polish ownership and savings

As the Head of the Government pointed out, building Polish ownership and savings is essential to reduce foreign debt of Poland and to rebuild economic sovereignty. The promotion of economy, enterprise and savings is important. Today, we need savings all around Poland. At our stage of economic development, it is not a good solution to run into debts abroad just to consume more. We need to invest more in infrastructure and innovation – these are good solutions – said the Head of the Government and thanked those Polish financial institutions, which promoted Polish savings.

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