Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the inauguration of the construction of the Warsaw Radom Airport

"We are expanding the airport so that it can accommodate 3 million passengers a year,” said the head of government during the ceremony. This investment will allow to create alternative connections and relieve the Chopin Airport in Warsaw. According to initial plans, the port will be operational by end-2020.

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Photo: Adam Guz / KPRM

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of this project for Poland’s economic development. “This airport will shorten the journey to the capitals of the world and attract investors,” said the Prime Minister. This investment is fully in line with the sustainable development of the country through its impact on the development of regions, in this case Southern Mazovia.

He added that the investment in the Radom airport is justified both in terms of location and business. Radom is located at the border of four voivodeships: Mazowieckie, Lubelskie, Łódzkie and Świętokrzyskie. In the near future it will serve as an auxiliary airport for Warsaw and a major hub well connected with the Central Communication Port.

The planned investments include the construction of a terminal, taxiways, aprons, parking lots and a bus station. In addition, the runway will be rebuilt and extended to 2,500 metres.

During his visit to Radom, the head of the government also laid a wreath at the monument to Lech and Maria Kaczyński and at the monument to June in Radom “Three Stones”.

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