Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the 145th birth anniversary of Wincenty Witos

Wincenty Witos is the father of our independence and he is our great guide said the head of the government during the nationwide celebrations of the birth anniversary of the outstanding peasant activist and the Prime Minister of the Second Polish Republic.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of The Prime Minister of Poland

The celebrations refer to the meetings held by Rural Solidarity activists at Witos’ grave in the period of the Polish People’s Republic. For the last five years, subsequent birth anniversaries have been celebrated in Wierzchowice by farmers and foresters from all over Poland, as well as politicians, members of the Parliament and of local governments who believe in the ideals fostered by Wincenty Witos.

The celebrations opened with a Holly Mass for the motherland and farmers. Next, the participants of the celebrations went to Witos’ grave where they placed wreaths and flowers.

We need national reconciliation and consensus. Let’s be persons who not only speak, but also talk. Persons who not only hear, but also listen. Let’s argue, but let’s also support one another added the Prime Minister.

He emphasized that we have to be careful with our words and gestures, also on the Internet, to make everything lead us to reunification. We need to learn to use language suitable for a public debate. We need to respect one another, because this way we respect Poland stressed the Prime Minister. He noted that Polish people must learn a lesson, so that the recent event contributed to the higher good rather than formed yet another chapter of the Polish-Polish war.


Wincenty Witos was born on 21 January 1874 in Wierzchowice village in the Tarnowski County to a poor peasant family owing an over 2-acre farm. He was a politician, a leader of Centrolew coalition, a People’s Movement activist and a three-time prime minister. He was active in the People’s Party since 1895. After being arrested by the Sanation authorities, he was detained in the Brest Fortress. During World War II, he was interned by the Germans, he rejected the proposal to form a collaborationist government. In 1945, he became the Chairman of the newly-established Polish People's Party (PSL). Witos was the author of, inter alia, Wybór pism i artykułów, three-volume Moje wspomnienia and Moja tułaczka. In 1921, he was awarded the Order of the White Eagle. He died on 31 October 1945 in Kraków. He was buried in his home town of Wierzchosławice.

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