Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the picnic in Rzeszów, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Poland joining NATO

The Prime Minister took part in a picnic held in Rzeszów and organized by the Ministry of National Defence to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our country joining the North Atlantic Alliance.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellary of the Prime Minister

On Saturday, under the banner of Poland’s 20 years in NATO, military picnics were held in 20 military units throughout the country. This is part of the official celebrations lauding Poland's 1999 accession to the structures of the North Atlantic Alliance. Featured attractions included military displays and performances by military orchestras. Many cities offered the opportunity to join blood donation campaigns.

During the picnic the Prime Minister had the opportunity to witness the military equipment used on a daily basis by e.g. explosives engineers, artillerymen, air cavalry soldiers or the special forces. The Prime Minister placed a wreath at the monument to the Home Army’s 1st Podhale Rifles Brigade and lit a vigil light under the obelisk commemorating a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. The ceremony took place at the premises of the 1st Podhale Rifles Brigade in Rzeszów.

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