Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the meeting with the residents of Łódź

Łódź has a great, beautiful future said the head of government during a meeting with the city's residents. 

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The Łódź Voivodeship was a region that suffered the most during the entire economic transformation and that is why our programme will take into account its needs in a special way noted the Prime Minister. 

Facilitation for entrepreneurs

In his speech, the Prime Minister referred to changes that have been in force in the Łódź Special Economic Zone since July 1. As he said, in every corner of the Łódź Voivodeship, and in particular where unemployment rates are the highest, preferences for small, medium and large, Polish and foreign investors will be the greatest. Regardless whether the township is already part of a special economic zone or not.

Thanks to this, we want to strengthen the transformation process of the Łódź voivodeship, which, along with the declining textile industry, has suffered tremendously from transformation," said the head of government. He added, "we try to support medium-sized companies, and in particular to attract new investors. We do not sell out national assets, like our opponents do.

We want to build new programmes, we want to show how to create the best conditions for development for Łódź entrepreneurs, using the central budget noted the head of the government. 

Infrastructure development programmes

The Prime Minister also talked about the construction of the Central Airport, which, although it will not be built in the Łódź Voivodeship, will significantly contribute to its development. This great civilizational project that breaks the post-partition logic of infrastructure is a great opportunity also for the Łódź Voivodeship, because it guarantees, among others, lots of new jobs noted the head of the government. He added that perfectly communicated Łódź and the Central Communication Port will create a communication hub for the whole of Central Europe in Poland.

At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized that in addition to the PLN 1.5 billion already allocated this year for communal and poviat roads, the Local Roads and Bridges Fund will be created in the amount of PLN 5 billion, so that communal roads, township roads and beltways will serve the inhabitants well, increasing their comfort and safety.

Programme for the reconstruction of vocational education

The head of the government also referred to the issue of vocational and industry education. Thanks to our cooperation with the Łódź University of Technology and the Special Economic Zone, we have been re-starting special classes of technical automation and robotics since September. The point is to rebuild the industry based on the most modern assumptions, where human thought may be sold, our talents and the work of our hands, at the highest possible price, so that we do not remain staid in one place emphasized the Prime Minister. 

Cultural centre

At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized that Łódź is the capital of the Polish film and based on these wonderful traditions, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is now working on new solutions that will enable Łódź to become a great centre of culture - the beating heart of Polish culture.

Security as a priority of the government

During the meeting, the Prime Minister also reminded that the priority of the government is security in three dimensions: security for families, safety of cities and towns, and border security.

We work on safety for families, because there are still many injustices, areas of poverty and social needs in Poland. Our actions have restored normality in many different dimensions and elementary justice and solidarity said the head of government.

He stressed that as part of the internal security policy, the government has restored police stations that were once closed. However, referring to the security of borders, the prime minister noted that we care for them through our hard position in the EU regarding refugees and we have already shown that building alliances and the consistent position of the Visegrad Group helped in achieving our goals. The Prime Minister recalled that in the conclusions of the last European Council, there were provisions that any relocation of refugees must take place with the consent of the Member States.

Strong and proud state

In his speech, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out that it is worth asking: whose is Poland supposed to be - different interest groups or all citizens?

As he added, so far, in the prevailing system, Poland was very much divided. We want to ask Polish society for support. We want to listen to people's voices and carry out activities aimed at Poland that will be great not only today and tomorrow, but also in 20 years.

We try, we act for the good of people, we do everything to defend Poland's good in the international arena and restore the honour of our ancestors so that our country would be great, strong, proud and happy said the Prime Minister at the end, addressing the inhabitants of Łódź.

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