Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the EU summit on Brexit

The head of the Polish government participated in the extraordinary meeting of the European Council on the extension of the Brexit transition period held in Brussels.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellary of the Prime Minister

The European Council agreed to delay Brexit under flexible terms until 31 October 2019. Before that date, in June, a review of the situation is to be carried out in the United Kingdom.

“We managed to find a solution to this deadlock,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated. As he stated, “the most important thing for Poland was that we managed to protect the interests of our fellow countrymen living in the UK”.

“We are doing everything we can not to let hard Brexit happen,” Mateusz Morawiecki stressed.

At the request of the head of the Polish government, European leaders observed a minute’s silence in honour of the victims of the Smoleńsk crash of 10 April 2010.

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