Prime Minister Kopacz addressed teachers on the National Education Day: thank you for your effort and work

“Teacher’s work deserves the highest respect and appreciation. It should be realistically reflected in salaries. We try to do it within the possibilities of our budget” – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said. On Wednesday, the head of the government took part in the National Education Day celebrations.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Kopacz pointed out that over the last 10 years the budget of the education system increased from PLN 25 to PLN 40 billion. During that time the number of students decreased by 23%, i.e. over one million, and the number of teachers by 11%.

You have great influence on young people. You not only show them specific knowledge, but also bring them up. You spend many hours a day with your students, and often get involved in their life. You play a very important role not only in their intellectual, but also in civic development. I’m convinced that you teach your charges what modern patriotism is, and you are an example of it yourselves – Prime Minister Kopacz told the teachers.

The head of the government emphasised that teachers support and motivate their students, even when their dreams seem unrealistic at the first sight. I’m convinced that those who today construct Marian rovers, drones and modern IT systems often drew their first inspirations from an open attitudes of their teachers – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz emphasised. 

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz pointed out that on the last year’s National Education Day she met Kunegunda Głogowska. her class teacher from the secondary school in Radom. I’m convinced that there are a lot of teachers whom you will fondly remember – she emphasised.

Honours for eminent ones

Over the last weeks I’ve met many young people who are full of passion for and involvement in science. They are a great showpiece of our country. It’s just the beginning of your successes. Follow that path. The diplomas I’m going to present to you today are an opportunity you must seize. I’m convinced that such gifted persons as you will not give up and rest on your laurels – the head of the government told this year’s holders of Prime Minister’s grants.

Prime Minister Kopacz also awarded medals for services in the area of activity for development of education, for long-standing service and acts granting the title of honorary professor of education.

National Education Day

The Polish National Education Day (14 October) was established in 1972 as the Teacher’s Day (pursuant to the Teacher’s Rights and Obligations Card Act). Since 1982 (pursuant to the Teacher’s Card) it has been celebrated as the National Education Day.

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