Prime minister in Wrocław: Flood security improves significantly

“We have learnt the lessons after the 1997 flood” – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said on Tuesday. She added that the in the years 2016-2022 as much as EUR 1.2 billion will be earmarked for the continuation of the flood protection programme.

Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

If a wave as big as the one in 1997 comes, after this modernisation we will be ready to take it, and there won’t be such tragic events as then - Prime Minister Kopacz pointed out.

Prime minister on fighting with floods: Lower Silesia demonstrated what solidarity means

This region has been particularly affected by the flood problem over the recent years – the head of the government emphasised.

To me, what determines the state’s efficiency is its ability to face problems which concern human life. A flood may be such a problem. Not so long ago Lower Silesia was an area in which dozens of thousands of people were affected by a natural disaster. At that time, Lower Silesia demonstrated what solidarity means – she said.

Flood protection – actions

PLN 900 million – nearly as much has been spent until now on the reconstruction and extension of hydrotechnical devices, floodbanks and resistance walls which are expected to protect the residents of Wrocław against flooding.

Since 2005 work has been underway on the flood protection project in the catchment area of the Odra river, which includes creating an active and passive flood protection by means of reconstruction and modernisation of Wrocław’s flood protection system (Wrocław Water Junction) and construction of Racibórz Dolny polder.

By June 2015, the floodbanks Blizanowice – Trestno and Kotowice-Siedlce had been modernised, as well as floodbanks above and below the city of Wrocław had been constructed.

As early as in 2015 the work will be completed on:

  • modernisation and creating of the Flood Canal and Old Odra from the lower location of Psie Pole weir to Poznań railway bridges;
  • deepening and widening Wrocław Water Junction canals and adaptation of Rędzin barrage to let flood water;
  • modernisation of Inner City Odra Boulevards;
  • the remaining hydrotechnical structures of Wrocław Water Junction.

Construction of Racibórz reservoir is the second important element of “Flood protection project in the catchment area of the Odra river”. The completion of this undertaking, despite various obstacles connected, e.g., with determination of the land property title, water law permits and contractors, is expected to take place in 2018.

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