Prime Minister in the Silesian and Lesser Poland Voivodeships

Successes of the Polish economy, creation of a new cultural institution and expansion of a modernised school were only a few of the topics raised during the Prime Minister’s visit today.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

The value of an enterprise and Polish economy is based on people said the Prime Minister at the Marco company in Gliwice. He added that the aim of the government is to improve the operating conditions for businesses and equal rules of competition on the European single market.

Mateusz Morawiecki also addressed the European Commission data on economic growth that indicate a 3.3% GDP increase for Poland.

Next, the Prime Minister visited the Arch-cathedral of Christ the King in Katowice to celebrate the signing of the agreement to create Panteon Górnośląski (the Upper Silesia Pantheon). In the next ten years, thanks in part to the governmental subsidy of PLN 40 million, a place to honour the memory of Upper Silesia’s distinguished artists, scientists, politicians and soldiers will be created underneath the Cathedral.

The Pantheon will be a testimony to patriotism, strength, faith, culture and tradition manifested in various disciplines. It will be a testimony to the power of Silesia that emanates all over Poland said the Prime Minister.

Another place visited by Mateusz Morawiecki was the School Complex in Wola Filipowska, where a grand opening of the school’s expanded facilities was held.

The Head of Government remarked that such investment projects are being carried out not only in Wola Filipowska, but also in hundreds of other locations. He expressed his hope that thanks to this, Poland could grow and the gates of education would open up for many children.

The Prime Minister highlighted that sustainable development occurs when smaller municipalities are treated in the same way as major cities. That was the purpose of this investment project he summarised.

Thanks to the expansion, the school gained an additional 800 sq. metres of usable floor space.

5 new nursery rooms, 6 classrooms, cloakrooms and a staff room were added to the facility.

The Head of Government concluded his visit by meeting senior citizens of Żabno to join in the celebrations of the upcoming opening of the Seniors’ Club, whose members will actively participate in educational, social, and sports and recreation projects.


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