Prime Minister in the Sejm: We want Poland to be a strong country in a strong Europe, but we will not agree to be blackmailed

Poland rejects the conditionality mechanism in the European Union budget. We do not accept discretionary laws that are based on arbitrary and political criteria. Their adoption may lead to the application of double standards and different treatment of individual EU countries. Our country, on the other hand, supports the equality of all states before the law and the observance of EU treaties.


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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The EU must be built on a foundation of law

As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out, the adoption of a regulation on conditionality, which could be freely interpreted, would risk the collapse of the European Union at later stages.

The EU must be built on a foundation of law and legal certainty. Without this principle, the European Union will only be a mechanism for making arbitrary decisions by Eurocrats, and de facto by the European oligarchy, emphasised the head of the government. We say an explicit "yes"to the EU, but an explicit "no" to the mechanisms that rebuke us - like children - and treat Poland and other EU countries unequally, he added.

The European Union derives many benefits from Poland's membership

From the economic point of view, the European Union is a group of states that are bound by bilateral dependencies. The EU derives many benefits from Poland's membership. Around 2 million Poles have left our country and work for our partners in the EU. Another benefit is, for example, the free movement of capital.

It is not right that we have French shops, Dutch companies and German media, and Polish transporters are denied the right to provide services which they are entitled to provide pursuant to the treaty. We want the EU to be a fair mechanism, underlined Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. It is a Polish and EU reason of state to ensure that European principles and values are respected, he explained.

The EU is great when it is the Europe of Homelands

As the Prime Minister emphasised, the European Union is great when it is a Europe of Homelands and when it can cooperate.

The EU's door should be open to everyone. It should respect diversity concerning e.g. fiscal models or justice, emphasised the head of the government. Therefore, we are fighting for Poland and for the future of the EU at the same time. We are fighting for a good budget, but also for principles and values, said the Prime Minister.

Resolution on the EU budget

The head of the government announced that he would present a resolution on Poland's position on the EU budget to the Sejm.

Poles will be able to familiarise themselves with this resolution. Then it will be known what mechanisms serve to consolidate the EU, and which ones put it at risk of disintegration, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. We support a strong and prosperous Europe, as well as a strong Poland in a strong Europe, he added.

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