Prime Minister in the Sejm: Poland emerges as the winner of the EU summit

In Brussels, the government negotiated over PLN 750 billion as part of the EU budget and the European Instrument for Reconstruction. This money will help our economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as enable the achievement of the EU's goals in the years 2021-2027. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented information on the results of the European Council meeting of 17-21 July 2020 to the Sejm.

Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Effective negotiation policy

Thanks to negotiations in Brussels, Poland will be able to benefit from over PLN 620 billion in subsidies and over PLN 150 billion in low-interest loans under the Multiannual Financial Framework and the European Instrument for Reconstruction.

Together with the countries of Central Europe, Poland returns from the EU summit as a great winner. The success of the negotiations was determined by hard figures and substantive arguments, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Thanks to this, we obtained the largest funds within the European Union, he added.

The issue of the rule of law resolved according to Poland’s hopes

As the head of government emphasised, for more than two years there has been a procedure in place in the EU to make the access to funds conditional on hypothetical compliance with the rule of law, while it was not known who would be supposed to determine it or how. However, the ability to build coalitions and the persuasion skills on the part of several countries, especially the Visegrad Group, resulted in a good solution - assessed the Prime Minister.

Foreign media on the success of Poland

The Prime Minister quoted from the international press, such as "The Washington Post", "Politico" or "The New York Times", which, he noted, "are to testify to our victory" and to the fact that "Poland and Hungary are achieving their goals".

Poland as a beneficiary of EU funds

Several days of negotiations led to the adoption of the largest budget package in the history of the European Union. The head of government announced that all European funds constitute total EU funding exceeding EUR 1.7 trillion.

This means a huge investment injection for the whole of Europe, essential for the rapid recovery of the economies after the crisis. Poland won significant resources from the Cohesion Policy, the Common Agricultural Policy and secured access to resources for a fair climate change.

Poland is the largest beneficiary of the Cohesion Fund. This means an amount of approx. EUR 70 billion said the Prime Minister. As he added, European funds can be allocated, among other things, for infrastructure, road construction, large energy transformation projects or, for example, the Solidarity Transport Hub.

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