Prime Minister in the Podlaskie Voivodeship: We are saving jobs through government support

More than 8 thousand businesses have already benefited from de minimis guarantees included in the BGK support package. Thanks to them, entrepreneurs have received loans for a total amount of PLN 5.5 billion.  A change of rules in the de minimis guarantees scheme is one of the first solutions introduced to the Anti-Crisis shield by the government.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

At the Monolit headquarters in Zambrów, Mateusz Morawiecki presented the support solutions for entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic.

‘Thanks to the Financial Shield, the company plans to hire new workers and seek new sales markets,’ said the Prime Minister. As he added, the company managed to save 200 jobs thanks to the shield.

The Head of Government emphasised that the company benefits from three different products: the Anti-Crisis Shield, the de minimis guarantees scheme and the Financial Shield, i.e. direct subsidies from the state budget for businesses to save jobs and process lines.

Business have already received PLN 47.8 billion worth of aid

The government is helping entrepreneurs by means of various instruments. It offers loans, exempts them from social insurance contributions and provides hard cash as subsidies, all while offering solutions to help preserve financial liquidity. So far, close to PLN 48 billion have been given to businesses, constituting great help in fighting the pandemic-induced crisis. What does this amount comprise?

PLN 11.3 billion have been transferred from the Social Insurance Institution and Poviat Labour Offices as part of the Anti-Crisis shield (including micro-loans, downtime compensation and exemptions from contributions),
PLN 31 billion is the amount of subsidies from the Polish Development Fund’s Financial Shield,
PLN 5.5 billion have been allocated to maintain liquidity in businesses under the BGK support shield.

New BGK solutions: higher loan security and longer guarantee period

In the first days of the pandemic, BGK increased the level of loan security provided by means of a guarantee from 60% to 80% of the loan granted. In addition, it extended the guarantee period from 27 to 39 months and scrapped commission fees for the first year, which used to be 0.5% of the guarantee amount per annum. The maximum amount of guarantee is PLN 3.5 billion.

Micro and small businesses particularly interested in the guarantees

De minimis guarantees are most often sought after by micro businesses (over 5.5 thousand guarantees granted) and small businesses (over 2 thousand guarantees granted). A total of 700 medium enterprises have also benefited from the loans secured by BGK guarantees.

The scheme is most popular with the transport and construction industries as well as retail and wholesale businesses. The average amount of credit secured by a guarantee is PLN 566 thousand.

Liquidity Guarantee Fund for large and medium businesses

BGK has also launched the Liquidity Guarantee Fund with large and small companies in mind. The Fund will make it possible to cover a working capital facility by a guarantee up to 80% of its value. The value of a working capital facility may not exceed PLN 250 million, and the guarantee is being provided by commercial banks until the end of the year.

Government action saves 3 million jobs

Support for businesses helps not only the economy, but also the people within it. Thanks to flexible and diverse forms of aid, the Polish government is safeguarding 3 million jobs. The aim of the government’s economic policy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic is to preserve jobs and ensure the financial and health security of citizens. The costs associated with the current economic situation should be spread in a solidary manner among the entrepreneurs, employees, financial system and public sector.


Established in 2007, Monolit is a manufacturer of roof windows, exterior doors and garage doors. Thanks to the Anti-Crisis Shield and Financial Shield, among other things, the company plans to increase employment by ca. 10%.

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