Prime minister: in the battle against the coronavirus we must reduce our mobility to an absolute minimum

After the meeting of the Government Team for Crisis Management, Mateusz Morawiecki announced the introduction of further limitations concerning gatherings in Poland. As he emphasised, “the implementation of the new rules is necessary in order to control the spread of the coronavirus and prevent the situation which is now happening in Spain or France”.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister urged the citizens to show mutual support. “This lesson of helping one another is essential” – Mateusz Morawiecki emphasised. “Everyday care for others was the motto of Solidarity. We should revive it today” – he added.

Most important decisions

  •        Ban on all kinds of gatherings, meetings and events, except for those attended by the members of the immediate family or people living together.
  •       Ban on leaving home unless necessary: for work, to go to the shop, pharmacy, visit a doctor or walk the dog.
  •        Limiting the number of people attending, i.a., masses, funerals or weddings to five. The limit does not pertain to priests or, for example, employees of funeral homes.
  •        Introduction of limits pertaining to public transport. The permitted number of passengers equals the number of seats divided by two.
  •        The new limitations enter into force as of today and are effective until 11 April.
  •        Violation of the bans will entail a penalty ranging from a mandatory fine to PLN 5,000.
  •        The compliance of citizens’ behaviours with the new rules will be assessed by the Police.

The Minister of Health, Łukasz Szumowski, who was present at the meeting, called for rationality, which will help save many people’s lives. “If we do not reduce the time spent outside of our homes almost completely, we will not be able to save human lives” – he emphasised. “I know it is a difficult time. I am asking you to stay home” – he added.

The Minister ensured that Poland will not run out of coronavirus tests. “We have reached the level of approximately 3,000 tests being done every day and we have distributed 100,000 of them” – Łukasz Szumowski announced.

The head of the Ministry of Health urged mayors of cities to properly organise public transport. “We should not cause situations in which gathering on the bus or train may lead to the risk of becoming infected” – Łukasz Szumowski emphasised.


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