Prime Minister in Tarnowskie Góry: We will connect the railway track network where it is needed

During his visit in Silesia, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki initiated the reconstruction of railway line no. 182 as part of the government’s Kolej Plus  (Railway Plus) programme. It will enable residents to travel to, among other places, the airport in Pyrzowice. This programme is a great opportunity for boosting the attractiveness and economic development of a number of regions in Poland. Implementing these projects will contribute to the elimination of transport exclusion. The railway network will be completed with new connections that will create better living conditions for residents. The government will allocate PLN 6.5 billion for implementing this programme.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Kolej Plus is a civilisation- and development-centred project. It means better comfort for every Pole–said Prime Minister, adding that it attracts a lot of attention.

The first stage of the Kolej Plus Programme for the Completion of Local and Regional Railway Infrastructure prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure has been completed. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA received almost 100 applications. Requests were made by all Polish provinces. Province governments, district governors’ offices, city and commune offices, and associations made their applications.

Reconstruction of line no. 182

Reconstruction and upgrading of the railway line connecting the Tarnowskie Góry railway station to the Zawiercie railway station will communicate the airport with the Częstochowa railway station through the Zawiercie and Katowice, Bytom and Tarnowskie Góry railway stations. Construction works will also include the reconstruction of the Tarnowskie Góry TGE – Gosek junction, which will enable restoring passenger transport.

The planned works concerning the regeneration and reconstruction of the partly closed Tarnowskie Góry - Zawiercie railway line no. 182 assume restoring the possibility of freight trains at the entire length of the section. All investment works are scheduled to be completed in 2023.

Kolej Plus programme

It involves the construction and reconstruction of local railways through the cooperation of the government with local governments. It is aimed at combatting transport exclusion. It is intended to enable connecting province cities to towns of more than 10 thousand residents which now have no access to freight or passenger railways.

The realisation of the programme means, above all, more convenient access to passenger railways, better conditions for business and safer travel by road.

The government will allocate PLN 6.5 billion until 2028. 85% of investment tasks will be financed by the programme, and 15% from local government funds.

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