Prime Minister: In Poland, there are two laboratories conducting tests on coronavirus, and six more are being launched

We discussed thoroughly what needs to be done so as to reduce the risk of the virus spreading - said the head of the government after a briefing with voivodes and voivodeship’s sanitary inspectors on coronavirus. 

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Fot. Adam Guz / KPRM

As Mateusz Morawiecki indicated, there are two diagnostic laboratories operating in Poland and six more are being launched, although there is no need for them to be in operation today and to take the test samples on an ongoing basis. Just in case, however, we want to be well prepared if the virus appears in Poland and if it manifests itself in a larger numer of people. - explained Prime Minister. 

The head of the government stressed that text messages have been prepared for all Poles returning from abroad, describing how to proceed, what symptoms may indicate the presence of coronavirus and what should be avoided. For those returning by plane there are additional temperature measurements - stressed Mateusz Morawiecki. 

Prime Minister stated that he has been in touch with President Duda regarding coronavirus. The President has also consulted specialists and is kept regularly informed by me and Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski. - said the head of the government. 

Typically, the symptoms of coronavirus include fever, coughing, dyspnoea, muscle pain and fatigue. Chief Sanitary Inspectorate recommends frequent washing of hands with soap and water, covering the mouth while coughing and keeping a safe distance of at least one metre from other people. In the event of any alarming symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. 

Chief Sanitary Inspectorate advises against travelling to countries such as China, South Korea, Iran, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan and northern Italy.


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