Prime Minister in Katowice: The situation in Silesia is under control

The Head of Government took part in a session of the Voivodeship Safety and Emergency Management Division, during which the current situation related to the coronavirus epidemic in Silesia was discussed. He received a report from the chiefs of Silesian uniformed services and attended a video conference to speak with presidents of mining companies and health inspectors. He also met with convalescent miners.

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Photo: Adam Guz / The Chancellery of the Prime Minister

‘It is important to understand the fight against the coronavirus correctly. We must isolate ourselves, but the government does not approve of isolating the entire Silesia. This area deserves more help,’ the Prime Minister said. He remarked that the economic life in Silesia must return to its state before the coronavirus, which was the reason behind the decision to carry out the screening tests.

Mateusz Morawiecki emphasised that thanks to the actions taken, work at the mines may be resumed as soon as early next week. ‘We have saved hundreds, thousands of jobs in the entire Silesian Voivodeship,’ he continued.

So far, more than 5 thousand infection cases have been identified across the Silesian Voivodeship, including ca. 2 thousand among mine workers. The percentage of infections outside the mining sector is low and similar to the rest of the country. This is why the government has made additional efforts to eliminate the foci of infection by deciding to test a very big population of people employed in the mining industry.

The first stage of tests commenced on 7 May this year. The tests are being conducted on a scale unprecedented not only in Poland, but also in Europe. In Silesia, there are 11 active laboratories accredited to conduct COVID tests. They are able to carry out 2.2 thousands tests a day.  Around 60 ‘Swab Buses’ (Polish: Wymazobusy) have also been commissioned. In order to facilitate the turnaround of the screening tests, samples are also sent to diagnostic centres across the entire country.

The next stage of tests commenced on 15 may and involved retesting those who received a negative result in the first round of tests. Diagnostic activities  have been undertaken to identify and limit the spread of the coronavirus among the inhabitants of the voivodeship.

The Prime Minister thanked all services involved in the fight against the coronavirus; especially those coming to Silesia from all over the country. As he added, ‘thanks to this solidarity among Polish people, we can see that this fight makes sense.’

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