Prime Minister in Greater Poland on support for local governments

The Government is committed to the sustainable development of the country aimed at economic growth. Symbolic cheques financed by the Local Government Investment Fund initiated by President Andrzej Duda were handed over by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to the representatives of the poviat and commune authorities. The funds can be used, for example, to renovate a road, school or sewage system. It is the Government's response to the needs of local governments in the implementation of investments.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

The Head of Government visited seven poviats in Greater Poland Voivodeship, including such places as Oborniki, Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Gostyń and Środa Wielkopolska.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Government allocates funds for local investments for each poviat and gmina according to a fair and objective distribution, regardless of the political colours. As he added, these measures are intended to meet the needs of local governments, as well as to support local entrepreneurs who, as he noted, have suffered greatly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, the Head of Government assessed the crisis as an opportunity.

The crisis is a change of philosophy in building supply chains and global production chains.

He argued that, Poles need to sell Polish products under the Polish brand, for the margin to be as high as possible, thus enabling Polish employees to generate more profits.

He congratulated the entrepreneurs of Greater Poland on their ability to expand internationally.

Six billion for local investments

Many gminas and poviats have problems with their own contribution to investments. Therefore, the Government will help the local governments by providing funds for the implementation of investment tasks, among others for renovations, kindergartens, hospitals and other local activities.

The Local Government Investment Fund comprises funds allocated for subsidies for gminas, poviats and cities, worth approximately PLN 6 billion. The money granted by the Government come from the central budget. The maximum subsidy for one local government under the Fund amounts to over PLN 93 million.

The Fund is intended for all gminas and poviats in Poland. The money will be granted to gminas and poviats in the form of transfers, at their request - without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Support not only for local governments

The Government notes the need for public investment, which will affect the economic growth of the country. Therefore, additional funds will also support small and medium-sized companies in Poland, which perform investments for local governments.

Cooperation between the Government and local government

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out that: At present, the best results are achieved when the Government and local governments act together, including entrepreneurs, inhabitants, local government and Government. And that is how we try to act.

The Prime Minister stressed that he is also aware of the fact that local governments need help from the state, therefore each gmina and poviat will receive support from the Local Government Investment Fund.

This support should be used for those purposes that are most important to the country. It could be a swimming pool, school, pavement, road, own contribution to some larger project he added.

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