Prime Minister: I thank the teachers and the students for this unusual school year and I wish you safe holidays

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki joined the students, teachers and parents for end-of-school-year celebrations at the Jan Paweł II Primary School No. 5 in Pionki. The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unusual 2019/2020 school year. Students and teachers moved from classrooms to remote teaching at home. Thanks to dedication and effective cooperation, distance education progressed smoothly in most schools.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Nearly 5 million pupils and students from more than 24 thousand schools for children, youth and adults have concluded the school year.

Dear students and teachers, I thank you for this unusual school year. When we were getting started in September, nobody could have predicted the things to come. I would like to thank you for this difficult time, and for the lesson; the lesson of distance learning said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Remote teaching

To ensure the safety of children, youth and teachers, the government suspended on-site education at schools and introduced remote teaching. The students switched classrooms for distance learning at home.

Dear parents, I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to you, since for many of you it was the most difficult year, especially in the last semester. I know perfectly well how difficult the switch was. I’m happy that the upcoming school year will, hopefully, be back to normal the Head of Government added.

To facilitate this task, the Ministry of National Education made available a special platform:, on which students and teachers could find interesting and useful materials. The platform also made it possible to create and co-create new content, and share it with students, in addition to creating progress tests. The website currently features close to 7 thousand interactive e-materials, more than 3 thousand lesson plans and 105 curricula. During the distance education period, the platform enjoyed great popularity among students and teachers. Between 1 March and 22 June, the Ministry of National Education recorded about 1 million hits per day. 5.7 million users created their accounts, while the platform itself was used by 10.5 million people.

However, it is not the only place of its kind on the Internet. The Ministry of Digital Affairs launched the portal, visited by 2.5 million people between 15 March and 23 June. Users generated 67 million hits over that period, with 2580 lessons prepared and 18.5 thousand learning materials published in the last three months.

Computer equipment for schools

The government has also supported local authorities in their efforts to purchase remote teaching equipment. The Remote School (Polish: ‘Zdalna Szkoła+’) programme had a budget of PLN 187 million, which is the equivalent of 125 thousand tablets, or 53 thousand laptops. The applications were submitted by 2738 out of 2790 eligible local government entities, who in effect received more than PLN 180 million.

The second edition of the programme – Remote School+ (‘Zdalna szkoła+’)  – was launched in mid-May with a budget of PLN 180 million. The rules remain unchanged, with the procedures as simple as possible, swift processing of applications and financing for purchases made since 16 March.

The Remote School and Remote School+ programmes are projects funded through the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Operational Programme Digital Poland for 2014-2020.

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