Prime Minister: I invite you to a countrywide debate concerning water and its availability

The Head of Government met with entrepreneurs and citizens who took part in the first Citizen Brainstorming organised in the framework of the GovTech Polska Programme (GovTech Polska), initiated by Mateusz Morawiecki in 2018. It is a new way of opening up the state to the ideas of talented people and inviting them to jointly solve socially important problems.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of The Prime Minister of Poland

The Prime Minister emphasised that despite the activities undertaken by the government, the problem of dwindling water resources concerns also Poland. As he added, lack of water is one of the greatest challenges for the future, and therefore it is necessary to seek efficient solutions that will prevent water crises and ensure access to drinking water for the citizens.

In the coming years we need to restructure our irrigation, land improvement, as well as small and large retention infrastructure carried on the Prime Minister. He expressed his hope that also our children and grandchildren will benefit from the solutions developed.

During the meeting with the winners of the last edition of GovTech Poland competitions – another initiative under the Programme which was addressed at start ups and entrepreneurs from the technological field – Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out that GovTech Poland Programme is a new way of opening our state to the ideas of talented people. He also emphasised the importance of solving socially important problems together with the citizens, and undertaking actions aimed at enhancing living conditions or the efficiency of the public sphere, as through this sphere, both the citizens and the state can jointly build solutions that will be used by the whole society.

Anyone can apply to take part in the Citizen Brainstorming through filling in a short questionnaire available at

We invite innovators, ecologists, programmers, engineers, architects – anyone who wants to create valuable solutions to socially important problems. Everyone will be welcome, regardless of their career, views, or industry knowledge. From among the applications sent, the organisers will select several hundreds of candidates who will receive an invitation to the workshop. The applications will be accepted until 30/08/2019.

The debate will take place on 14–15 September during HackYeah – the largest hackathon in Europe – during which also the Prime Minister announced that he will be present.

At the same time, two initiatives are being launched: a multiannual IT Talents Development Programme which provides for the development of pupils’ competencies in designing computer games, and Polish Championships in Programming and Theoretical Computer Science (to be launched in two weeks). Applications to participate in the competition the aim of which is to select the organiser of the Championships in Designing Computer Games can be submitted until 2 September. More information available at:



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