Prime Minister for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The twentieth, anniversary Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is over, but charity auctions are still on. Prime Minister Donald Tusk handed some very special items to be auctioned: a pen with a set of memorabilia and a t-shirt with Kaka’s autograph. We encourage you most heartily to bid!


Under the hammer a pen shall go, with which - few weeks ago in Brussels - the Prime Minister signed the Treaty of Croatia Accession to the European Union. It was one of the most important events of the Polish presidency of the EU Council. The set also includes a commemorative photo of the event and a personal calendar with New Year’s greetings.

At the second auction, one shall bid for a Kaka’s AC Milan shirt, where he played in 2003-2009, with the player’s autograph and Prime Minister’s signature. The T-shirt was a birthday gift for the head of government from the "Fakt" newspaper editorial staff. Interestingly enough, Donald Tusk and Kaka celebrate their birthday on the same day, on 22nd April.

Prime Minister gives the Kaka’s shirt for GOCC (video: TVN24)

A person who shall win the bid, shall also receive a special letter from the Prime Minister. "Once again, thanks to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Poles in the country and abroad can join the wonderful action of supporting those in need. The goal of the Jubilee Final – purchase of the state of the art equipment for rescuing preterms and purchase of insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes - deserves special recognition. (... ) Let the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, as every year, bring extraordinary fruits, not only in financial dimension, but primarily by disseminating the idea of pure, genuine and unbiased help to another human being " - Donald Tusk wrote in the letter.

The auction of the pen with a set of memorabilia shall last until 18 January. One can bid for Kaka’s shirt one day longer.

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