Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz: we want to create Polish Ferry Group

“The consolidation is supposed to strengthen the position of Polish ferry operators“ – the head of the government said during the Monday visit at the Ferry Terminal in Świnoujście.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said that the ferry services sector grows really dynamically, at the rate of 7% per year. We want to invest big money and participation of Polskie Inwestycje Rozwojowe in order to significantly increase the competitiveness of Polish ferry operators – the head of the government added.

With support of the minister of treasury, a project to consolidate the Polish ferry sector and create Polish Ferry Group is being prepared. In June, a letter of intent regarding this issue was signed with participation of Polskie Inwestycje Rozwojowe. Thanks to Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A. and Polska Żegluga Morska joining forces, our operators will be able to face the competition on the ferry market.

Benefits of the consolidation of the Polish ferry operator industry on the Baltic

The Sea Travel Industry Development Programme is an opportunity not only for the operators themselves, but also for ports and shipyards. For this reason, we want to create the Polish Ferry Group, which will be a strong competitor on that market – the head of the government said.

The consolidation of ferry operators will strengthen economic significance of Świnoujście among the Baltic ports. In particular, in the area of transport, distribution and logistics, as well as industrial services. It will also bring benefits to the whole region. Thanks to it, Zachodniopomorskie Province may also expect revitalisation of the land connected with ports and the shipyard industry.

An increase in passenger transport and operators’ richer offer will also contribute to boosting tourist attractiveness of the Polish coast.

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