Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz: politician’s duty is to fight for people’s trust

“I’d like to be the prime minister also of those who don’t go to elections today” - Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said on Thursday during “Kropka nad i” TV programme.

Premier Ewa Kopacz, w tle ministrowie rządu

I’d like to be the prime minister also of those who don’t go to elections today

The head of the government referred to the appeal from her exposé in which she called for stopping political disputes. What I meant is that Poles who observe the debate about the things which are most important to them should not see quarrelling politicians but rather what these politicians have to offer. It seems to me that I’ve achieved this goal - Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said. She added that she understands the role of the head of the government is such a way that she should be closer to people rather than further from them.

Government line-up

The government line-up is my own idea. I had to be fully convinced to those people and trust them - the head of the government said about the members of the Council of Ministers. 

Answering the question about the experience of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, she emphasised that for the last three years Grzegorz Schetyna was the chairman of Sejm’s Foreign Affairs Committee. Asked about the experience of Minister of Internal Affairs Teresa Piotrowska, she pointed out that Ms Piotrowska had been Bydgoszcz Province Governor and the head of Sejm’s State Control Committee.

Supervision of special services

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz also commented on the issue of supervision of the special serviced by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and not by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW). She emphasised that in the years 2005-2011 the heads of the MSW were not responsible for the work of the special services. She pointed out that according to the drafted changes in the special services the Ministry of Internal Affairs will supervise the Internal Security Agency, the Minister of National Defence will supervise the military services and the Prime Minister will supervise the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. She added that MPs will decide the final shape of the changes.

Mining and energy sector

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz pointed out that the state’s role is to reorganise the mining sector but without hurting the people who work in it. She emphasised that both sides need to accept concessions here.

I can’t rule out a veto on CO2 emissions – Prime Minister Kopacz said commenting on the upcoming session of the European Council. She added that we will resolutely present our position.

Taxation of farmers

Commenting on taxation of farmers, she emphasised that she will try to make sure that every Pole feels that the state is fair towards him. She announced talks with the Minister of Finance also about this issue. 

Foreign affairs

Prime Minister Kopacz commented on the government’s policy towards the situation in Ukraine. I wouldn’t like any Polish prime minister to think first about the others and then about Poland. My duty is to take care of Poles - she said.

She added that we can afford, together with our allies, to support Ukraine in reforming the country. She emphasised that it is worth appreciating the alliance with the USA and presence of the European Union. 

Social issues

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz commented on the opposition’s proposal to liquidate the in-vitro programme. She said that if someone is not able to understand thousands of Polish parents who want to have children thanks to the in-vitro method, it means they have no contact with the reality. She added that the in-vitro method is not obligatory, and the government only enables people to use it. She emphasised that so far over 500 children have been born thanks to the in-vitro programme. 

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz pointed out that what needs regulation is the issue of civil unions. She added that she supports ratification of the convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

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