Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz paid tribute to the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks

The head of the government lit a candle in front of the French embassy in Warsaw. “All nations of the world should fight terrorism effectively”– she pointed out.

Photo: PAP/Jacek Turczyk

This place emanates great sadness but also great solidarity with the French nation, as well as a very important declaration that today not only Poles, not only Europeans, but all nations of the world should be unanimous about fighting terrorism effectively – the prime minister emphasised. Today innocent people die who want to live, who want to work, and the world is sometimes helpless. For this reason, decisive talks and speeding up the pace of implementing the strategy for fighting terrorism is a priority for the next weeks – she added.

The prime minister offered her sympathy to the families of the attacks’ victims, as well as wished all wounded persons fast recovery. Poles are with you during these difficult moments, and when there is a need to fight terrorism – she emphasised.

At least 127 persons perished in the series of the terrorist attacks which took place on Friday evening in the French capital. The final death toll is still unknown.

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