Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz: I won’t let the Europe’s migration crisis affect Poles’ life

“I want to clearly declare: Poland is safe. Our country is strong enough to be able to deal with this problem – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said on Monday about the migration crisis in the EU.

Photo: M. Śmiarowski/Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The head of the government declared that Poland will talk about the migration crisis with our EU partners, “but not under pressure of people camping out in the streets”. Poland is a too important EU country to give in to any pressure – she emphasised.

We will admit as many refugees as we can afford - not one more and not one less. I promise Poles that we won’t turn out to be the Europe’s black sheep, but we won’t let anybody ignore our interests – Prime Minister Kopacz said.

Conversation with the president of the European Commission

Premier Kopacz informed that on Monday she talked to European Commission’s President Jean-Claud Juncker. During the conversation, the head of the Polish government said that we will take part in solving the refugee problem. However, Poland will not agree to automatism when it comes to admitting refugees, and demands control of the EU’s external borders. As an example, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz mentioned the way in which Poland effectively protects it eastern border. She also emphasised that we have to clearly differentiate refugees from economic migrants. I’ve also declared that we will demonstrate solidarity with Europe, but, first of all, we will be reasonable and reasonsible – she said.

Inspection of Polish borders

The head of the government informed that she ordered Minister of Internal Affairs Teresa Piotrowska to conduct an inspection of the Polish borders in the east, south and west. The head of the ministry is expected to report on the inspection during tomorrow’s session of the government.

I can say with full responsibility as early as today that after the talks with my ministers and services I know that immediately I receive information on any threat for Poland, the Polish borders will start to be controlled – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said.

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