Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz attends academic year inauguration at the University of Warsaw

“It is a university with the most foreign students in Poland. It is you who take care of this good image of Poland abroad. You show that Poland is beautiful, modern, open and tolerant,” PM Ewa Kopacz told University of Warsaw students and teachers.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Internationalisation of universities

The head of government attended an academic year inauguration at the University of Warsaw (UW) on Thursday. She stressed that the UW was one of the best universities in Poland. It is also a university with a strong tradition, which focuses on internationalisation. The prime minister reminded that Poland had been attracting increasing numbers of foreign students and teachers, but this was not the full story. Ewa Kopacz’s government also gives Polish students an opportunity to study at the world’s best universities. As I have promised in my policy speech, first Polish students will be able to take part in the Studies for the Outstanding programme this year. I am glad that I have kept my word, and that every year the government will cover the cost of studying at renowned universities for 100 best students. It will also cover their maintenance, accommodation, insurance and transport costs, said PM Ewa Kopacz.

University of Warsaw: the university of the future

Poland needs more universities just like the University of Warsaw. We need universities of the future which offer students the highest level of education, prepare them for the labour market and focus on internationalisation, PM Ewa Kopacz stressed. She added that the new academic year would see the launch of a new Universities of the Future programme with PLN 5 billion in government funding by 2020. Under the programme, universities will implement the Competence Development Programme which will equip students with soft skills such as group work.

More money for research

At the inauguration of the academic year at the UW, PM Ewa Kopacz shared good news with the university students and teachers. Two days before the Council of Ministers completed their work on the 2016 budget. I have very good news for the science community. The combined science spending of the whole budget will grow by 6%. Looking only at domestic funds, without EU money, the growth amounts to as much as 15%, PM Ewa Kopacz announced.

New strategy for the development of Polish science and higher education

Recent years brought significant changes to universities. The academic and scientific community started to influence the division of funds for science. A grant system that makes it possible to fund the best projects has also been developed. A second wave of changes is coming to science and higher education. Yesterday the Ministry of Science and Higher Education presented the Programme for the Development of Higher Education and Science for 2015-2030.” I am very glad that such important areas of our social life have finally acquired a coherent and complete vision for the future, which we would like to implement, said PM Ewa Kopacz.

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