Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz at Turów Power Plant: we base our energy security on our biggest treasure – coal

“My government consistently implements the policy of strengthening our country’s energy security” – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said on Monday during the inauguration of the construction process of a new energy unit at Turów Power Plant in Lower Silesia.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The head of the government emphasised that according to analyses by 2030 it will be necessary to switch off energy units with the total capacity of 15 gigawatts due to their age, low effectiveness and increasingly strict environmental norms.

We don’t stand idly. We have taken the matters in our own hand, and hence today’s investment project – she pointed out. Thanks to it, we will supply cheap energy to 1.5 million household – she added

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz: we are consistent in the Polish energy policy

The head of the government pointed out that the construction of the unit at Turów is yet another step to modernise the capacity of the Polish energy sector. At the beginning of this year, the construction of two coal units at Opole Power Plant started. In addition, a steam and gas unit in Stalowa Wola, a unit in Kozienice and a coal unit in Jaworzno are under construction.

This investment project proves that we are consistent in developing the Polish energy policy – Ewa Kopacz said.

By 2020, the energy companies in which the State Treasury has a stake will invest over PLN 30 billion in construction of new energy units – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz emphasised. She added that modernisation of the existing energy units is planned, and using State Treasury companies, the government wants to invest in the energy sector over PLN 60 billion.

New energy unit at Turów Power Plant – one of the most modern ones in the world

The investment project we are starting today will be one of the most modern energy units in the world – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said. The unit’s technical parameters will meet environmental requirements due to much lower – as much as 25% – CO2 emissions performance compared to units of the older type.

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz: I count on Polish coal

Poland can afford to take advantage of its treasure, i.e. coal, and, at the same time, invest in new technologies thanks to which we will pollute Polish air less – she emphasised.

I count on Polish coal. Thanks to this great Polish treasure, today we will take care -using modern technologies - not only of health and clean air, but also jobs for Poles – she added.

This investment project proves that we are consistent in developing the Polish energy policy.

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz pointed out that the investment project in Turów will also significantly contribute to the development of the region. During the project implementation, contracts for delivery of raw and other materials will be awarded to hundreds of companies, and the work will be performed by over 100 entrepreneurs from the construction industry. During the peak of the work at the construction site, 1.5 - 2 thousand people will be employed. It is also important that as early as today the extraction and energy complex generates big tax revenues for the region.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2019. It will cost PLN 4 billion. 

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