Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz at the seat of LOTOS Group

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz emphasised on Wednesday in Gdańsk that the value and importance of the Polish state treasury companies is proved by the fact that they are often included in international rankings, such as the list of 500 biggest companies of the Central and Eastern Europe. “Every third company present in the list comes from Poland“ – she added.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Thanks to the government’s active steps, all of our state treasury companies operate with ease on the liberalised and competitive market as early as today – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said in Gdańsk. During the visit at LOTOS seat, the head of the government emphasised that over the last eight years the country has created a good climate for development of such companies. Thanks to it, they occupy high places in international rankings. Our companies operate internationally, and are popular outside Poland – the head of the government said. She meant, in particular, such companies as: PKN Orlen,  LOTOS, PGE, PGNiG and PKO BP.  During this term in office, we were in favour of creating a good climate around all actions. And, consequently, for example KGHM has taken over the assets of a Canadian mine. Thanks to it, the company has increased its natural resources by 8.5 million tons of copper, and, at the same time, has become the fourth power in the world – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz emphasised, summarising the eight years of being in power.

Energy security

Apart from the investment projects of the state treasury, the government’s priority is to ensure Poland’s energy security. Thanks to the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, we will be able to become independent of the gas supply from the east. We will be independent in 90% – Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz pointed out. This terminal is able to take approximately 5 billion cubic meters of gas, which covers the gas demand generated by the half of Poland’s residents – she added.

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