Prime Minister Beata Szydło: Wisely pursued economic policy brings good results

You are welcome to visit our country. Poland is a good market and a safe and friendly country. I think that in this country upon Vistula River you will find a very good climate for investment – this is how Prime Minister Beata Szydło invited the Bulgarian businessmen to invest in Poland. The Prime Minister took part in the Polish-Bulgarian Economic Forum in Sofia.

Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

For Poland, Bulgaria is a very important partner – said the President of the Council of Ministers. She said that during the talks with the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borisov, they had discussed political topics, bilateral issues and those related to the European Union. We may argue about many issues, we work on many issues, we are looking for a compromise – informed Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

Wise policy brings effects

In her opinion, for our part of Europe the development of Poland and Bulgaria is extremely important, if we are to catch up with our partners from the European Union, but also to show how to rule and manage in a good way. Our region and our countries are the examples that the wisely pursued economic policy brings good results – stressed Prime Minister Szydło.

The Head of the Polish Government reminded that our countries had had to sacrifice a lot so as to achieve such good economic results. Today, we can say that Poland and Bulgaria are the examples of the countries which have very good economic results – indicated Beata Szydło.

Good Polish-Bulgarian cooperation

We are here together in order to confirm that we are much committed to economic cooperation. We appreciate the fact that our businessmen already cooperate and that new projects are implemented – said Prime Minister Szydło. She stressed that positive information coming from Bulgaria was very motivating.

The large number of Polish and Bulgarian businessmen participating in today’s Forum is the best proof that this cooperation is already very good, and I believe that after today’s meeting the number of joint projects will increase – she hoped.

The Head of the Polish Government added that she would like the meeting to strengthen the image of Polish businessmen as producers of good consumer goods and reliable investors. Even today, Polish companies can boast of successes in the Bulgarian market. They participate in implementing significant contracts – for example, in many Bulgarian cities people travel by trams, buses and trolleybuses produced by Pesa and Solaris – stated the Prime Minister.

Potential of Polish investors

Polish companies are also well experienced in the field of infrastructure projects. I hope that the Polish companies, Trakcja and Zue, which successfully participate in tendering procedures in the Bulgarian market will exploit the opportunities they have – said Beata Szydło.

The Prime Minister expressed her hope that Bulgaria would make use of the potential of the Polish investors. The Polish businessmen, accompanying me during my trip to Sofia, also include start-ups willing to seek in Bulgaria partners to develop their ideas for success – said the Prime Minister.

She argued that for Poland the policy of supporting start-ups was extremely important. To this end, many projects and programmes have been launched. I hope that these companies will be able to become visible in your market – stressed the Prime Minister.

Invitation for the Bulgarian investors

According to the Head of the Polish Government, the Polish-Bulgarian Economic Forum gives an opportunity to present the Polish investment and export offer and export in various fields of industry. I believe that this offer will prove attractive for Bulgaria – she stressed.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło also invited the Bulgarian businessmen to invest in Poland. I am convinced that today’s meeting will result in many new, good contracts and ideas for cooperation and will be another element of building Polish-Bulgarian friendship – said the Prime Minister.

Polish companies are great. I invite the Bulgarian partners to use services provided by the Polish businessmen. Poland is a country wishing to evolve in many directions. Investors from Bulgaria are welcome to visit our country – invited Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

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