Prime Minister Beata Szydło: we keep our word. This is the trademark of Law and Justice

This is a very special day – exactly two years ago the Polish people put their trust in Law in Justice in the parliamentary elections, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło during the meeting with inhabitants of Siedlce.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister thanked Poles for their trust and their votes that translated into victory, as well as for numerous meetings during the election campaign from 2 years ago, which were an opportunity for Law and Justice to develop a programme that was consistent with social expectations.

Poles put their trust in people who had worked very hard, not only during the parliamentary campaign, but also during the campaign of President Andrzej Duda – earlier, for many years, we were creating a team that won, thanks to Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, our leader, who allowed us to win. However, this victory would not have been possible if all of you had not been with us, stated Prime Minister Beata Szydło. The meeting in Siedlce was attended not only by the Prime Minister, but also by Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski.

We keep our word

I would also like to thank you for these two years of our programme for a good change, during which you have supported us. I think that we have proved for these two years that we are doing well. We consistently realise what we have committed ourselves to. The government of Law and Justice has its trademark – keeping its word, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło. She also underlined that the government drew conclusions from the mistakes it made.

In the middle of our term, I can say that the majority of reforms we have committed to implement have been already started, completed, or are being implemented. The following two years of our term will be spent on consistent implementation of the plan that we have to complete as agreed with you, she declared.

As the Prime Minister underlined, the introduced reforms are a success of the whole white and red team that proceeded with the common plan. It is not only the government or the parliamentary club, but also all of you, who implement this plan in various places and institutions in Poland, she stated.

Reforms have impact on the life of Poles

The Prime Minister underlined that the programme prepared by Law and Justice brought positive results and translated into a better life quality of Poles. It is the greatest motivation for all of us. This is how we have planned it, stated the Prime Minister.

Achievements in social policy

We have to start with what is the most important for many Poles, and certainly for Polish families, namely the Family 500+ programme. This year is the next year during which Polish families receive funds from this programme. The budget for the next year also includes resources guaranteed for this objective. We will continue to consistently implement this programme, said the Prime Minister.

We count on the economy

Another very important reform is the Responsible Development Strategy. It is a comprehensive economic programme, consistently implemented by the government. We can observe its further results: Poland has started to develop increasingly faster and Polish companies that had gone into decline and that could not count on the actions of our predecessors are now restoring their capacities, create jobs and develop, said the Prime Minister.

It appears that it is possible to invest even in small centres, to invest in modern technology, to provide opportunities to young people who only start to think about their businesses. It is also possible to finance the Polish industry, doomed to oblivion, and to have genuine high quality shipyards, concluded the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister reminded also about the completed mining reform. As she added, a modern coal industry is essential for Polish economy and Polish energy security. She also emphasised the importance of ongoing investments in railways and roads, implemented throughout the country. In particular, we want Eastern Poland and the areas neglected for many years to have the same possibilities as the rest of the country, underlined the Prime Minister. She also pointed out to the role of the actions of Ministries responsible for the security of Poland and its citizens.

Education reform and changes in the health service system 

According to our opponents, the ongoing education reform had no chance to succeed either. Not only it has proven to be successful, but also its implementation is perfect. I am pleased to repeat what I heard today in Siedlce: no teachers were fired and the schools even created new jobs for them and hired additional teachers, she stated.

If it comes to the health service system, Prime Minister Beata Szydło recalled among others that the previous day, the Council of Ministers had adopted a draft act ensuring an allocation of up to 6% to healthcare by 2025. This is a very large amount of funds, which will be delivered to all of us and translate not only into the availability of healthcare, but also to remuneration for healthcare professionals, she said.

Government close to people

These two years were marked by service and humility. It is necessary to be close to people and to listen to the voice of those who trusted and chose us. We know perfectly that we are ones of us. Our main duty is to listen to you. It is our service. The service that you entrusted us, stated the Prime Minister.

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