Prime Minister Beata Szydło: We have a lot of economic projects with China, which we would like to implement together

Prime Minister Beata Szydło met the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

It is an important visit. We have high hopes connected with it. We have a lot of economic investment projects, which we would like to implement together - Prime Minister emphasised. Poland is a very fast developing country, which has a leading role in the region. It is our ambition that the economic development programme approved by the government contributes to even faster development of our country - she added.

Beata Szydło expressed the hope that Monday meetings and the agreement signed on that day should translate into more intense, concrete economic activities in subsequent months and years. I think that this is in the best interest of our countries, but it is also our great ambition - she emphasised.

The head of the government stressed that Poland undertook cooperation and exchange with China under the New Silk Road project, the Chinese concept for the new trade route connecting Asia with Europe. We believe that it is a project with great future and a great chance for economic cooperation and to build common relations and initiatives - she said.

In turn, the President of China emphasised that his country and Poland were connected by a long standing friendship. Poland was one of the first countries to recognise new China and to establish diplomatic relations with China. Since the moment of establishing diplomatic relations, our contacts are subject to continuous development, particularly in recent years. He stressed that high-level contacts between our countries were frequent.

International New Silk Road Forum

Prime Minister Beata Szydło, together with President Xi Jinping and President Andrzej Duda took part in the opening of the International New Silk Road Forum and 6th Polish- Chinese Regional Forum.

The head of the government emphasises that the New Silk Road meant huge economic opportunities and benefits. The Silk Road is our common road to development - stated Beata Szydło.

Poland, owing to convenient location of our rail terminals and sea ports is a natural partner for China in the New Silk Road project, explained Prime Minister. Already today we have the fastest rail connection from China to Europe, Łódź- Chengdu, as well the sea container line between Gdańsk and East Asia and China and the air connection Warsaw- Beijing - she added.

Beata Szydło emphasised that thus far Poland was the only country from Central-eastern Europe to join the Asian infrastructural investment bank, the activities of which may substantially contribute to the initiative of the road. Numerous agreements, which had been signed in the Presidential Palace earlier and agreements to be signed in the course of the forum today are the next step towards practical realisation of the idea of the New Silk Road - said Prime Minister.

The head of the government reassured that Poland was the country of great opportunities, the leader of European growth and an attractive and credible investment and trade partner.

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