Prime Minister Beata Szydło says: Today the heart of advancement, innovation and knowledge beats in Poland

Each of the awards is a source of pride for me and for our country. Each of them reflects recognition of your work, both individual and team work, which has made an important contribution to the development of Polish and world science and art – said Prime Minister Beata Szydło at the award ceremony.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Almost a hundred of scientists and artists were bestowed with Prime Minister’s Awards for their outstanding scientific and artistic oeuvre, scientific and technological achievements, doctoral thesis and post-doctoral dissertations. The awards were handed out by Prime Minister Beata Szydło herself.

Poland is a country with great potential

 Your accomplishments provide best evidence that Poland is a country with great potential, and my government will continue, systematically and with determination, to take steps to unleash this potential and this energy. Each of you shows with your work that today the heart of advancement, innovation and knowledge beats in Poland – said Beata Szydło. She added that the laureates include many famous names. I am sure that we will also hear about those unknown in the future – underlined the prime minister.

Awards for life achievement

Six people were bestowed with awards for life achievement. In the Art category, professor Krzysztof Globisz was honoured for his scientific and artistic oeuvre. Professor Jerzy Klamka, professor Stanisław Kwapień and professor Jacek Namieśnik were presented with awards in the Science category. Professor Janusz Limon was awarded for his accomplishment in Medical and Health sciences, and professor Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz was bestowed with an award in the Forest Sciences category. Polish science and culture are of special importance for me and for my government. I can assure that we will not lack determination to support them – Prime Minister Szydło underlined.

Recognised achievements in science and technology

Three awards were received by scientific-technology teams - the first one by the team of engineer Mariusz Malinowski PhD for their accomplishments in the field of Technical Sciences, the second one, in Medical and Health Sciences category, by Tomasz Darocha, PhD in Medical Sciences and Sylweriusz Kosiński, PhD in Medical Sciences, with their collaborators, and the third one by the team led professor Tomasz Kaczmarek and Łukasz Mikuta, PhD.

Awarded doctoral theses and post-doctoral dissertations

Without listening carefully to what Polish people are saying, we cannot talk about good governance, good government or good public debate at a high level. Ladies and gentlemen, you are distinguished representatives of the world of science and culture, and thus it comes naturally that you are, and you must be, an important voice in this debate – stressed Prime Minister Szydło.

Among laureates, there were ten people awarded for their achievements giving grounds for their post-doctoral degrees. 25 scientists were awarded for their distinguished doctoral theses. We focus on Poland’s innovative development, on the feeling of security among Polish people, and on making them proud of Polish scientific achievements – Prime Minister Szydło stated. According to Prime Minister Szydło, science is the foundation on which we should build our economic strength and fulfil our objectives. She added that activities pursued by the laureates are much in line with such strategy.

Awarding Team

Professor Tadeusz Wolsza, in his address given on behalf of the Awarding Team, said that this competition was very high – close to 500 papers were submitted. In consultation with independent reviewers, the Awarding Team selected the best ones from among 312 doctoral theses, 138 post-doctoral dissertations, 24 scientific papers and 10 scientific and technological achievements. The Awarding Team is appointed by the Prime Minister for three years. In the current 2016-2018 term of office, the Awarding Team is composed of 20 members.

The Prime Minister’s Awards were established in 1994, upon the initiative of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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