Prime Minister Beata Szydło on the NYSE trading floor: Poland is a great country to invest in

We are looking for investors who will build in Poland companies based on new technologies – Prime Minister Beata Szydło pointed out during the opening of a trading session at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). We are open to development of business – she added. Beata Szydło has been the first Polish prime minister to visit the New York Stock Exchange.

Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

We talk, mention the investment climate in Poland. We discuss the development plan implemented by the Polish government. We want the Polish economy to develop even faster – the head of the government said.

The prime minister pointed out that the Polish government is open to investors. We are preparing programmes and specific investment projects. We are also preparing acts to help entrepreneurs operate on the Polish market. We are working on tax changes which will appreciate also those who will want to invest – Beata Szydło emphasised.

Poland is a great country to invest in. It’s a stable country open to the economy. We want to talk about it in New York – the prime minister said.

Before the opening of the trading session at the NYSE the head of the government talked to its CEO, Stacey Cunningham.

Another part of the prime minister’s visit to the USA will be the opening of the Polish-American business forum at the consulate of the Republic of Poland. The “Polish-American Investment Dialogue” conference will be attended by representatives of the American business, including investors present on the Polish market: IBM, General Electric or Ernst & Young. The meeting will be also attended by the president and selected members of the US-Poland Business Council from Washington, and representatives of the Polish diaspora in the USA. Furthermore, companies which consider development on European markets and are potentially interested in investing in Poland have been also invited to participate in the conference.

New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange was established in 1817. It is the biggest stock exchange in the world. Nearly 2,000 companies are listed there, and its daily turnover amounts to nearly USD 1.5 billion.

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